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Earth Gases Could Shorten Lives

Why global suicide?

Ever since 1989 when I graduated college I have become ever so slowly aware that our claims to ‘restore the planet’, clean up the environment, limit disease, decrease poverty, have not only had very limited effects but mostly it seems propaganda. The young and gullible get enthused in college. We write our congressman, sign lists […]

Why does NA & Canada use 90% of the Ritalin?

Are we NF1 and NF2 due to radiation?

I have some learning difficulties but when I was young there was no such thing; there was the idea that you had a child that was a late bloomer. A much more appropriate term than slow learner. I also had a tumble out of a slow moving car when I was about 3; something the […]


History of Planet Earth

Who’s afraid of Radon Gas? It seems that most websites dealing with radon gas are deceitful in a devious way. They tell you radon gas is ephemeral, that the daughter products emit alpha but do not inhale and you will be all right as material, clothing, skin stop them from being a danger. The material […]


Lush life is coming

Oxygen is under going compression:

Chernobyl’s Sunflowers

Deuterium Ratio over time on Earth

Does Sol under increased pressure from decreased heliosphere produce deuterium emissions?