The Strange Case of Monatomic elements and Non Locality

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Physics says on the quantum level there is a galactic or even universal connection between atoms. That non locality is part and parcel of the quatum world. If it happens here it happens there at the same time no matter how far apart.
Since we cannot replicate that then it must mean that we are shorted out as it were. Since we cannot duplicate the energy of the sun or a Birkeland current although volcanic lightening must come close, the products of volcanic lightening may be the altered monoatomic — small cluster — element forms. One imagines that if a Birkeland current was to power the impact on the elements, then the change would produce anti matter?

This current would have to give to produce anti matter. What we have appears to be a take-away? And our anti matter was reduced to this Cooper pair forms of metal that do not bond? That the exchange left greater gravity when the anti matter was reduced to monoatomic elements?

Sea water must be the key somehow. It carries in suspension the monoatomic elements and leaves them in salt deposits from dried seas of the past. Where did they originate? From volcanic dust that received massive charges that rained down on the seas?

Thinking that this anti matter was original. Produced by nova, deposited by huge currents. Later when heated core under pressure released, the outburst of energy drew down Birkeland currents but this time they drew off instead of adding charge?
Seems the only way to view pre history –referencing Gobleki Tepe and the stones I call Lightening Nails. Fits with W Thornhills view of Stonehenge as an example of a 36 ray Birkeland current. But noone would build this type of monument taking the man hours and effort unless a great urgency of dire importantce existed. And that was not religion, it had to be :
1) weather, no rain or too much or cold or wind unceasing or ?
2) soil infertility due to lack of nitrogen from lightening strikes —which of course implies a knowledge far greater than we credit. But this I view as possible in pre history.

Religion only enters the picture as an expression of the Second Law.

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