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I have been thinking about this current heliospheric compression and have posted ( ideas about why but have been baffled as to how the entire geographic area of the Tibetan plateau seems to have been drawn up in a mass, think taking your finger, pressing it into the table top and twisting the dining room tablecloth up — everything is drawn up in a spiral. 

I was thinking about cyclones ala Pecos Bill.  I am thinking that the Earth created a giant cyclone that created this — All Earth wide so there was just one focus emanating from the Tibetan plateau.  And it seems to me that this ( 2010) Norway spiral had its counterpart off Australia.  So if this massive prehistoriacal energy spiral was the outward focus of an electromatic beam of energy then consider the antipodal to Tibetan plateau  Cayman Trench the energy input—and of course its not there is it? 

These sun cyclones are electromagnetic energy that result during these compressive years at the end of a 5,000 y cycle.  Reset is due 2013 and we lose the compression.  I emphasis that the Earth itself is the source of this electromagnetic energy spiral.  Perhaps it even explains how novas have been seen to start and stop.  This projection of energy releases sufficent stress to prevent further emissions.……

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