After 2012

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Following along with this into 2012, it seems to me the goal of the Eurozone is to make a smooth segue from American dominance of the Arabian oil to one of local control by passing the standard to Euro dollars from US dollars. You might suspect the creation of the Eurozone was to make this primary change.
As the US leaves the Arabian oil market to local Euro control facilitated by the Saudis once again, it becomes clear the middle east wars were fought to cripple local powers such as Libya and Iraq. Hence the continuing criticism of Iran, the sole remaining power not disabled by external and internal warfare.
This power ploy leaves the US to expand its regional control over the entire North American continent including South America. Developing oil fields in South American is the future of American oil money. Hence the renovated and enlarged Panama canal to funnel goods and oil to NA. We exit the European/Middle Eastern wars to focus on expanding control at home while leaving the power structure of western dominance intact.
Political theorizing is not my strong suit but this seems so obvious one cannot help but to note the layout.

The major speck in the eye here is potential weather catastrophes. HAARP experiments aside, the compression we are now undergoing will release altho I suspect it will be termed a gravity wave verifying western science once again and with the release of compression the heated planetary body core energy will ‘blast out’ creating extreme weather conditions. It may well be that the infamous blue spirals seen in Norway is a preview of this kind of release.

Scientific data collected by MIT scientists are confirming that radon gas release during earthquakes heats the atmosphere electrons causing severe weather. If the Norway spirals were man made the object would have been to determine the extent of the energy beam while the compression exists. This would produce the maximum range effect necessary before utilizing such an energy beam in the periods following the release of compression.

One may theorize that the pyramids act much like a steam cock on a pressure cooker. Moderating input energy as well as moderating output energy. One sees this measure as keeping the heated core energy from sudden catastrophic release. This may well have been a response to the global catastrophe such as the core energy being released as a spiral of Earth dimensions emanating from the Earth’s core and focusing through the then northern hemisphere. drawing together and projecting outward from the Tibetan plateau. If the theory of solar flare applies, the energy wave spiral blasted outward and the compression ripples traveled the reverse hemisphere to create a ‘rebound blast’ such as proposed by the scientists who developed the solar flare theory. In this case of an ejection of massive earth energy from Tibet, the area of the Caribbean now known as the Cayman Trench would have been secondary energy exit site.

It would follow science understands this coming energy release and is focusing on close-to–home military dominance.

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