Who’s Afraid of Radon Gas?

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Who’s afraid of Radon Gas?

It seems that most websites dealing with radon gas are deceitful in a devious way. They tell you radon gas is ephemeral, that the daughter products emit alpha but do not inhale and you will be all right as material, clothing, skin stop them from being a danger.

The material seems to focus on remediation of houses and primarily emphasizes that the house is livable ergo mortgage able so there is no grounds for a lawsuit of endangered health. Back to those pesky radioactive daughter products. The ventilation idea seems to be to keep the radon gas on a fast track to the outside before it can degrade to the radioactive plutonium inside.

Here’s the rub: what to do about those radioactive daughter products that are produced inside? There doesn’t seem to be an answer.

My theory regarding Earth’s compressive cycles may be the reason why our universe has failed to produce alien visitors from the multitudes of oxygenated planets. The compression is due to an energy that expands cosmic space and squeezes all solar systems embedded within. We may be only one of many within this energy. The energy squeeze forces the gases within our heliosphere to compress, their space reduction forces the gases to become thicker.

Now consider: science tells us that our radon gas comes from two sources, the Earth and the sky. Radon rises because it is a gas so that leaves us with coping with radon gas emitting from rocks which doesn’t sound too bad but oozing from every leaf on every tree does. Add solar rays which split upon hitting oxygen and nitrogen in our atmosphere and shower all living things. 130 millirems from space and 130 millirems from the ground. We get about 300 millirems. Because that figure is unchangeable it is considered a safe level.

Now what if that unchangeable figure is actually able to be elevated by catastrophic events here on Earth. If Earth was to undergo compression where the gases, primarily radon, were much more dense hence more dangerous, life would be reduced in accord with the periodic squeezes of compression of gases.

Since radon is undetectable, odorless, and rapidly degrades, life to preserve itself would rapidly discover that the only choice to be safe from this invisible killer would be to live afloat away from the Earth emissions or to live high up where the radon would flow downhill as it is heavier than air. Proponents of the flood theory miss the obvious; that the ocean and the high mountains were the last redoubts of safe havens from radon gas. Islands would perforce be the most probable safe haven.

Now let’s look deep into the past of Earth. Ancient civilizations reached high levels of intelligence. Not particularly technology since that is our bailiwick, but intelligence in manipulation of the nature around them. Ancient Egyptians had recordings of the Algol star systems and knew it had altered is orbit time. Since this is true, it is also true that they knew about our periodic compressions that build up the dangerous radon gas and the compressive releases in which radon gas spreads over the Earth.

Which point was the most amenable to adjustment? If our Earth has been experiencing a different effect every compressive cycle due the energy and our place in the planetary orbiting bodies, how would our smarter selves have acted?

I suggest that Earth’s ½ billion year ignition of multicellular life coincided with the planet Venus’s surface becoming molten; what provoked this heating? Once begun the compressive cycles hindered life as the energy pressed down radially on the heliosphere until it nearly reached the sun. What happened to the planetary bodies as this occurred?

As the energy met the heliosphere, the area of contact would have consisted of matter/antimatter. Here would be the Majorana transforms. The compression went steadily forward to the sun first enveloping the planet, then departing on its bulldozer path to the sun. All bodies in front of the of the compression would first experience greater compression, then the Majorana transform, then be exposed to cosmic space and expansion while maintaining their orbital paths.

The compression would continuously increase as the planets inside the reducing heliosphere experienced heated cores. The longer the wait for the compression to reach the planet, the greater the core heat built up. Once the leading wave of the energy, the Majorana transform reached and covered the planet, it would have been freed from the compression. This movable transform would then continue on as the leading edge of the energy passed over the planetary body. This means the planet would experience cosmic space without the protection of the heliosphere and be immersed in the energy field itself. I propose this was a field of separated electron/hole pairs or neutrinos. This would constitute a field of expansion. An absence of gravity. The heat energy would expend itself into propelling the expansion of the planet along existing fractures.

As the outer planets would first experience compression, Majorana transform passage, then expansion, it may be that the gas giants are assisted in their state by this periodic energy that, due to their orbits, serves to preserve their expanded gaseous state. Once past Jupiter, the inner rocky planets with their heated compressed gases and cores would experience the Majorana transform passage then be riven with fractures from which the pressure and gases would be released. The planet would as a result expand. As this energy made its periodic visits, all planets were initially exposed and expanded as the heliosphere was compressed to nearly Sol.

It may be that this compression is responsible for extraordinary Oort cloud contents. It may be that the asteroid belt planet was a victim to this compression. Many theories have been devised to explain this former planet including Velikovsky explanation that planets explode and over a certain size, recoalese, explaining the gas giants. I rather think this rolling wave of energy tipped with the Majorana transforms is the likely culprit. Life would have had to start nearly from the beginning each compressive event of 5,000 y.

Only since 25,000, the rapid onset of Earth glacial melting, could life survive the event. At this time, the compression experienced by Earth must have been moderated by the Majorana transform layer. The edge width is unknown but it is possible that after passing Earth the Majorana transform maintained a bit of contact with the planet so that part of Earth stayed in the transform layer while most was exposed the the energy generating the compression. If so part of the Earth did not suffer from heat expansion. If the Majorana transform next 5,000 y appearance did not pass Earth and instead held Earth completely inside the transform, life would have been able to survive and not need a complete restart. The following 5,000 y appearance may not have reached Earth except for a small part and the heated core and gases would have been held a longer time inside the much compressed heliosphere.

As the heat would not have been released through expansion by passing to the back side of the Transform, it would have been released suddenly when the compression lifted when the energy holding it terminated. This would have created a heated core ‘blow out.’ Unfortuantely the greatest effect of this blow out would be to allow gases such as radon gas to saturate the planet. Safe harbors would have been breezy islands, airy mountain crags, highlands scoured by winds. There may have been no expansion along fractures but instead violent shivers of land shaking with earthquakes and gas explosions.

This event has already occured; Earth survived her Do or Die moment. The maximum compression hold time, an absence of Majorana transforms for suspension, and the sudden release of heated core gases. The evidence is in the Tibetan uplife and across the northern hemisphere antipodally at the release site the Cayman Trench. Spiraled energy leaving Earth and the wave traveling over to Earth to meet at the Caribbean site. This blast out energy was a one-time event. Earth survived its most dangerous event.

Venus is the planet, aside from little Mercury whose core is mostly melt, is the planet held the longest under compression and at the greatest level of compression. Venus is hot. I suspect the pressure on Venus has altered its metals and gases. Venus, along with Earth, has for 25,000 y experienced less and less compression in 5,000 y increments. Less pressure, less heat. Venus should be showing the results and indeed, in a science daily post noted in Vital Vastness website, science did find this moderation of pressure and heat in a reading from the satellite from Earth. I consider this one of the premiere vindications of my theory.

Mars has experience one or two expansion events on the backside of the transform Earth has not. It has lost most atmosphere. It has lost most of its H2O. Science is using Curosity landed on Mars 2012 to look for water deep inside where it would be due to the expansion events. I suspect that there are significant gas chambers empty of gas that underlie the lithosphere. Similar to the large chamber science discovered in the crust of Earth. Of that cavity, M P of Vital Vastness notes its size and astonishing presence.

Myth predicts that our compression lifts at the end of 2012. This would generate a sudden release of core heat. Possibly methanes and radon gases would proliferate. These ionized gases would then attract the meteorites and asteroids that we incorrectly learned to fear as dangerous. Velikovsky is correct, as well as W Thornhill, in anticipating a charge contact. The greatest time of asteroid danger is not before the compression lifts, but after when the ions charge is greatest due to volcanic emissions and ionized gas releases.

Our invisible, undetectable killer will soon be on the loose.

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