Charge Density over Gravity

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A molecular cloud falls into Cygnus A, huge cavity follows energized with jets from the bh.
11-07-00, 02:47 AM
From the Chandra X-Ray Observatory: Using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers have found a giant football-shaped cavity within X-ray emitting hot gas surrounding the galaxy Cygnus A. The cavity in the hot gas has been created by two powerful jets emitted from the central black hole region in the nucleus of Cygnus A.

Hot gas is steadily being piled up around the cavity as it continuously expands, creating a bright rim of X-ray emission. The jets themselves terminate in radio and X-ray emitting “hot spots” some 300,000 light years from the center of the galaxy. These results are being presented to the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society meeting in Honolulu, HI, by Andrew S. Wilson, Andrew J. Young (University of Maryland) and Patrick L. Shopbell (California Institute of Technology).

“This is a spectacular cavity, which is inflated by jets and completely surrounds the Cygnus A galaxy,” said Dr. Wilson, who is Professor of Astronomy at the University of Maryland, College Park. “We are witnessing a battle between the gravity of the Cygnus A galaxy, which is trying to pull the hot gas inwards, and the pressure of material created by the jets, which is trying to push the hot gas outwards.”

Cygnus A has long been famous as the brightest radio source in the sky. It is the nearest powerful radio galaxy. The Chandra X-ray image, which was taken with the Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS), shows the cavity surrounded by a vast sea of extremely hot gas. The elongated oval shape comes from the force of the outwardly moving jets as they push through the hot gas. Bright bands around the “equator of the football” are also visible, and this may be evidence of material swirling toward the central black hole.

This info on Cygnus says that a molecular (cold) gas cloud infell and produced a huge cavity sponsored by the bh jetting pushing the energy out past the galaxy. The gas is now very hot.

2013 Science says huge gas stream infalling AGN of the MW.

So what is going to happen to the infalling gas cloud when it hits Sag A?

Would you believe that science says that the gas cloud surrounding the MW is hot? Now how can a molecular gas cold cloud get hot way out there past the galaxy? Perhaps science has evidence of our Sag A jetting? When would that have been i wonder? about 1/2 billion years ago?

Currently our Fermi bubbles show ‘lines’ that indicate past energy emissions. Right now there is evidence of energy –highly magnetized–oozing out and bending 90 degrees to flow over the galaxy proper itself. so what is happening? Has MM (black holes and quasars) predicted charge density overcome gravity? That occurrence would produce a body that repels all charge. Antigravity in other words. I propose our galaxy is experiencing a disassociation due to anti gravity.

One half a billion years ago did our AGN jet?

Axially or radially?

The AGN of 1/2 billion years ago heated the gas cloud that now surrounds the MW. Then the line proposed by Miles Mathis was crossed, and the charge energy surpassed gravity and the body at the center of the MW, a LT starbody, was then able to bounce all incoming energy.

This will produce a disassociation between star bodies in the MW as the density of the LT starbody has overcome the gravity of the cloud. If the history of jetting and the cause of the heated cloud surrounding the galaxy is correctly interpreted, we should see Cygnus A jet stop. If the one jet strongly active and the minor jet can be recognized as reducing energy, then we should see a stop of all jetting. This stop would indicate density of the AGN, the LT starbody, has overcome gravity. Disassociation of star body members of the galaxy should follow with minor clumps of gravity bound groups free to roam.

This analysis implies that the gas cloud streaming toward the AGN will be added to the clouds in orbit and not drawn into the AGN. Do these clouds furnish the energy pouring out? Are they disassociating?

Since there is no Higgs bosun and gravity is a motion not a force(MM), is the project science is currently pursuing, the idea that carbon dioxide sequestration is the key to density, the answer?

Since the fractured Earth is probably never going to serve to the maximum density it did previously, and since the subsequent blow outs of 250 my and 65 my are evidence of that instability, what is the future of Earth and its complement of arkables?

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