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The shed magnetic field, like snow flakes, will shower Earth and the surrounding bodies with magnetic flakes.  These strong energy balls will be responsible for immediate dna mutations, instant emplaced cold bodies, interruptions of planetary communications and possibly permanent damage to the existing energy grid.   

Outside our heliosphere an ongoing expansion of the electron/hole pairs will reach a maximum and begin contracting rapidly.  This instant-on contraction will create a ripple effect that will knock the flakes off the sun and begin our catastrophic global weather.  All heated cores will seek to release heat.   


The effect  due to the sudden contraction of the electron/hole pairs will   create a dense body correctly termed an LT (light terminus) starbit.  It will be a miniature neutron star too small to be seen.  This body will exercise pull on all bodies in the heliosphere.  It could be as limited as the compression wave or as maximized as to draw Earth’s lithosphere upward from a focused point.

An alternate explanation is that                                             this is an example of electrical                                             machining from an upward flow of                                             electricity. A planetary-scale                                             discharge pulled material to this                                             region and pulled it up. The strong                                             electric field etched the surface                                             and carried the debris into space.

Blackbody radiation now seen as attractive on the atomic level; the attraction overpowering the repulsion.  

Miles Mathis states blackbody radiation IS the charge field.

Miles shows the wavefunction should be assigned to the photon and not the electron.

My readers will understand immediately that this is a magnetic effect, or more precisely a submagnetic

effect, since it is determined by the spins on the photons. I have shown that all magnetism is a result of

photon spin. But here, we have neutral particles responding strongly to a magnetic effect, which is why

it is so difficult for the mainstream to explain mechanically. Notice that they are keeping their distance

from magnetism in the explanation, although if the effect is an attraction and is not gravitational, it

couldn’t be anything but magnetic.

Solar cells are based on the photoelectric effect: a photon, or particle of light, hits a silicon crystal and generates a negatively charged electron and a positively charged hole. Collecting those electron-hole pairs generates electric current.

Conventional solar cells generate one electron-hole pair per incoming photon, and have a theoretical maximum efficiency of 33 percent. One exciting new route to improved efficiency is to generate more than one electron-hole pair per photon, said Giulia Galli, professor of chemistry at UC Davis and co-author of the paper.

Science identifying the different ‘roads’ the electron and the hole travel and how far.  

This effect was maximized perhaps 25,000 y ago at the sudden end of the iceage.  The Earth was within the energy stream of the electron/holes not protected by the heliosphere which had been reduced to possibly Mercury.  The ice cover was responsible for maintaining Earth-like conditions and preventing a Mars event here on Earth.  The reoccurring energy stream of compression cycles at 5,000 y; each returning event less energetic and compressing less of the heliosphere.  Earth has been inside the heliosphere since the 25,000 y event.  We are not able to escape the effects of the sun flakes tho.  The heat release from the core is also inescapable.   

The area of edginess that is termed BC in the electric universe is where matter and antimatter meet; a layer of Majorana fermions.  In the past this layer has been on the face of the Earth, perhaps facilitated by the sun flakes of magnetic energy.  Our current compression is outside the Earth and will not produce the antigravity phenomena that is the hallmark of the Majorana fermions interactions.

No ice in Antarctica 40 my ago.

At the end of the last Ice Age, as the world began to warm, a swath of the North Pacific Ocean came to life. During a brief pulse of biological productivity 14,000 years ago, this stretch of the sea teemed with phytoplankton, amoeba-like foraminifera and other tiny creatures, who thrived in large numbers until the productivity ended—as mysteriously as it began—just a few hundred years later.

An inescapable conclusion drawn is the our smarter selves had advanced to our level before the Majorana interactions began to end at perhaps 15,000 y ago.  We have evidently resurrected ourselves to  this level many times.   

Why the energy is decreasing over time is due to the source. I believe it to be either a LT starbit known as Proxima Centauri shedding neutrinos that produce the energy stream of electron/hole pairs or an unknown factor outside the heliosphere possibly the galactic nucleus, or the sun itself processing through its magnetar energy.   

It is inevitable that the energy stream release will be identified as a gravity wave.  

Author note:  

This is an older paper I need to update; I think that this NASA plan to smack the Moon is tied to our sun’s current ongoing magnetic reversal.  The increased magnetic field of current time is going to depart with the reversal.  Maybe after we get the punch from the collected energy.  


7/26/2013 Improvement under way.  

I am keeping Miles configuration identifying magnetism with the photon.  


Sun flakes are currently impacting Earth.  They are shed magnetic fields from the sun, varying in size.  If Velikovsky’s  reporting of reversed magnetic fields being emplaced in Etruscan glazes is correct, then the size of these magnetic fields is sufficient to encompass whole areas of Earth.  The magnetic fields are extremely durable lasting for hundreds of years or longer.  

They are strong condensing factors.  This leads to higher intelligence as the cellular network is tightened.  Intelligence takes a leap forward.  You can see this as as an advance followed by a decline as the cellular slackening occurs leading to mitochondrial leakage, protein misfolding, etc.  


Science sees whole continents underlain with miles thick salt beds, manganese balls are strewn across the ocean bed, concentrated metals are found in seams, none of which is happening now.  The events that created these ‘concentrations’ are the periods of delayed magnetic reversals of Sol.  


The extra energy that is heating Earth’s core is due to this delayed magnetic reversal.  As I have explained in other papers, NASA has found that the shape of the sun’s heliosheath changes so that instead of Earth being periodically exposed to solar radiation, the Earth never is outside the new heliosheath, thus constantly bathed in the stronger radiation.  


This effect may be what drives evolution.  Science notes that 50,000 y ago, there was a sudden surge in intelligence in us humans, making us basically the modern form.  You can see this in the cave art.  


Science sites are replete with revelations into the working of the atomic world previously unavailable:  the potassium sodium pump is now –for the first time– explained.


This is not due to advanced technology but to the ‘concentration’ of energy due to the sun’s failure to magnetically reverse.  We ‘see’ more because of concentration.  


This cannot be construed as a violation of the Second Law.  


Sol being a magnetar is responsible for this pulsating event through time.  


Is there an attracting factor to where the sun flake strikes Earth?  


As 70% of the planet is water, if there is no attraction to the land due to weather, etc., then the greater amount of sun flakes strike water where the fantastic numbers of virus live in the surface layer.

Exactly how has it been determined that krill revert to juvenile form?  How exactly do they save energy by being juvenile?  


If one life on Earth can revert at will and I do not believe this is possible, then this cannot be an exception.  Is it possible that during our sun flake storm that this condensed energy controls this event?  


More evidence for magnetar implosions:


Currently, science admits to the star we call Sol having delayed its magnetic reversal for all the cycles we have been able to record.  The last three or so.  In as much as the cycle is 11 years, and the delay can be as much as 1/3 of the cycle, then we are actually in a totally different cycle than the one science describes.  The energy from the delay part of the magnetic reversal cycle is totally different.  The shape of the heliosheath and its effects are totally different.  Even as we live through these events, science fails to inform us.

My Beetle Sun theory posits that the sun, Sol, in spite of being in the 90th percentile of star size, is a imploded remainder, controlled by strong magnetism, of the much larger than Sol super stars.  


If evolution is indeed a product of this magnetic reversing cycle of Sol, then it may be that our understanding of Sol’s magnetic reversals is incorrect.  We think that these 11 year cycles are akin to eternal but perhaps this transformation from Beetle sun to Sol carried with it a different cycle of magnetism.  Perhaps the original product of magnetism began immediately after the implosion of Beetle sun to Sol.  Perhaps the magnetism was originally displayed energetically with full involvement of the emissions from Sol’s equatorial region.  As Miles Mathis points out, the equator is the primary region of release of recycled photons.  


I suggest that originally Sol emitted strong energy from the equator with lesser amounts from the polar regions.  I suggest this energy supported the ‘water veil’ on the rocky inner planets.  As R Duncan notes the energy of a magnetar begins to dissipate immediately.  This dissipation of energy is so rapid the star becomes ‘dead’ in a few million millenia.  I suggest that our Sol is a magnetar rapidly progressing through its energy release cycle.  I suggest the inner rocky planets all of whom had a water veil have experienced solar energy loss sufficient to provoke the collapse of the enshrouding water veil.  I suggest the water veil is directly responsible for the production of multi cellular life shielding such from  strong solar radiation.  Our ‘evolution’ is due to the exposures of the fading yet periodically strong (when the solar equator emits) solar radiation reaching the surface without the protection of the water veil.  


Is multicellular life rare?  No, but it is ephemeral.  

Have we been ‘smarter’ in the past due to this period of solar ‘intensifying’ rays?  Yes

Do we lose this cellular compactness when the equatorial solar rays fail?  Yes

How do you explain this?    While the life born of the collecting sun has greater ability to discern, the cessation of the equatorial solar rays ends such for all cellular life and the looseness returns.  Subsequent scientific investigations do not show clearly facts that would seem to have been well understood under the collecting sun.  These then become myths, impossible to verify under the loose sun.  

How long will our collecting sun last?  Impossible to know


Future choices:  

Seriously, cosmic rays degrade our metal tech so since we haven’t developed stone tech to the point that we have solar equator emission assisted zero grav pyramids powered by water masers, our choice is to be beggars instead of choosers.  Hitchhiking, anyone?  Going to the nearest comfort-zone magnetar.

What I said.  


New paper suggests the sun’s magnetic fields defines climate over the long term

Science sees G Gammow’s nuclear fluid vibrate with the effort of one super cold electron.

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