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The Vasa and Lepenski Vir and Sesklo

statues of pregnant women dominate this site

at Lepenski Vir fish figures dominate with a clearly defined empty space with right and left house placements.

Uniquely mathematical with astonishing use of concrete.

both humans and animals need daily salt

elite male shown in grave goods

Map of Varna area

One wonders if the civilization existed prior to the last ice age, and was recolonized in hopes of reconstructing its glory.  The Bosnian pyramid may well be part of this civilization –even an effort to keep the ice at bay.


In most animal life the female possesses the ability to alter a pregnancy, even to spontaneous abortion or reabsorption.  In our female specie amazingly enough this is not so.  Why?   


If you consider that the current state of our sun, Sol, has changed the heliosheath so that Earth (and everything else in the solar system) experiences more and strong cosmic rays due to solar equator emissions, consider how that could have changed our lives.  


If, in the deep past, the sun we know as Sol, had a much different display of cosmic rays, what might that have been?  I propose that solar equatorial emissions of cosmic rays were the norm.  I suggest that the star we know as Sol consistently lost massive amounts of energy through this solar equatorial emission.  I suggest that this constant energy of the equator of Sol was the source that held the ‘water veil’ above the surface of the Earth.  I suggest that when the energy faded to the point that the solar emissions passed from primary (over 50%) to minority (less than 50%) that the energy was no longer sufficient to support the ‘water veil’ and it collapsed.  


A fuller period of the 2-of-the-same-pole on our sun Sol might well produce the effect of a ‘smoke ring’ of magnetism once the complete reversal happens.  I imagine the energy fuller due to the stored energy which is not dissipated by the pole emissions.  When the magnetic reversal happens, POOF, the magnetic energy is ejected in an energetic exhaust similar to a smoke ring.  


Several events might be proposed as a result:  the ‘smoke ring’ of magnetic energy would expand outward and when encompassing planetary bodies be responsible for the levitated water I propose is the ‘water veil’ of Earth’s past and Venus’ present.  This event would be of the duration of first encounter of the magnetic energy to the passing of the energy cloud.  The levitation may give the appearance of an abeyance of gravity for solid objects.  In fuller times the ‘water veil’ may well have been maintained continuously but as the energy from the sun fell the point was reached that the period of time between the ejection of solar magnetic rings was too great and too weak a span to maintain the magnetic levitation.  

Since this solar magnetic energy is rapidly depleted as per R Duncan ( U of Texas magnatars) what is happening now in a delayed magnetic reversal of Sol, is much diminished.  Not only are the periods of 2-of-the-same-polarity poles shorter, the energy ejected upon completion of the reversal is much weaker.  Perhaps there is no energetic ‘smoke ring’ but

an incomplete ring that NASA has described as smoke and I describe as ‘sun flakes.’  Please refer to my paper SUN FLAKES ARE COMING.  


Is it possible that once the energy began to fail significantly our smarter us tried to engineer a way to uphold the ‘water veil’ by manipulating surface energy such as a stone pyramid with a focused water maser?  


This collapse flooded the surface of the Earth leading to an ice age.  Perhaps even the onset of the phenomena known as the ice ages.  It is strange that our wobble in the orbit of the Earth has scientists baffled as to why it does not work itself out.  Perhaps the weight of the added water is the reason?  


For recent history how might this reduction of solar cosmic rays have affected us humans?  


I propose that the solar equatorial cosmic rays are the primary movers of human evolution.  These provide the energy for the cellular material to be compact, organized, sharply defined.  In their lack, the cell becomes loose and sloppy.  Scientists are even now realizing how cellular connections work that as shortly as a year ago were unable to be defined.  The reason is the delayed solar magnetic reversal.  This phenomena is of short duration –a ghost of the energy once distributed by the sun—and gives the humans a peek into what our status had been.  


I suggest that women under a solar equatorial emissive sun had –and potentially still have—the ability to decide their pregnancies.  It is only one of the many aspect of cellular compactness we no longer seem to display.  


In the farthest prehistory, one finds evidence of an equality of the sexes which does not exist today.  I believe evidence will be discovered to show women can and did control their pregnancies.  The very earliest history may be discovered to show that men and women were equal, similar to the European Vasa that had villages which had two houses alone in the center, one symbolizing the men and one symbolizing the women.    The National Geographic article, replete with art work of the villages I have not been able to relocate.  


I  do not think this was a new development but a recognition of their past history which may stretch into millenia.  As these societies failed to bring the resettled world up to their knowledge from the deep past; the connection supporting equality between men and women failed.  


Was it the fact that women could no longer choose to become pregnant?  If pregnancy was not a woman’s choice how then would equality go forward?  The answer is that it couldn’t.  And that is what we see beginning with deep history.  Slowly we see the pregnant woman in stone carving which we attribute incorrectly to a ‘goddess cult.’  What it is more correctly interpreted is the supremacy of the male able to make the female pregnant at will.    


At this point men become the priests and the possessors of power.  


What happened periodically thousands of  years ago?  Did the original event change the axis of the Earth?  Did we get a new sky map then?  Did the mild Arctic and mild Antarctic gradually lose warmth and become cold and force the movement of people into previously cold areas like Europe?  


The answer is YES.  The warm Arctic and Antarctic were, and are now, being heated when the solar magnetic reversal fails and however briefly our sun maintains two-of-the-same polarity.   Note that during a retained solar reversal when there are two-of the-same-polarity, the sun emits most strongly from the equator and the Earth experiences this emission most strongly as warming at the poles.  Exactly the reverse on each.  Which leads to cold poles when the sun is in a completed magnetic reversal state.  This of course explains why there is ‘global warming’ misunderstanding–the sun’s energetic state of two-of-the-same-polarity is the reason for the polar heating.  


Is the high carbon di the cause of polar heating?  NO.

Our research reveals an important negative feedback for ozone – a sort of self-destruct mechanism. The more ozone there is, the more gaseous halogens are created which destroy it. The research also has implications for the way that radionucleides of iodine in seawater, released into the ocean mainly from nuclear reprocessing facilities, can be re-emitted into the atmosphere.”

Thyroid depressed after exposure to ozone.

Wiki has info as to carbon and ozone compounds: is perchlorate a result of ozone and carbon?  

With nitrogen and carbon compounds

Ozone also oxidizesnitric oxide tonitrogen dioxide:

NO + O

3 → NO

2 + O


This reaction is accompanied bychemiluminescence. The NO

2 can be further oxidized:


2 + O

3 → NO3 + O


The NO

3 formed can react with NO

2 to formN



Solidnitryl perchlorate can be made from NO2, ClO2, and O

3 gases:

2 NO

2 + 2 ClO2 + 2 O

3 → 2 NO2ClO4 + O

Do the findings of platinum belt buckles in archaeological excavations in China show that our past knowledge included the fact that ozone oxides all metals except gold, silver and platinum?   Might this be a possible path to explain why there are no tech left behind by the smarter us from 50,000 y ago?  


If a blanket of O3 laid on the surface of the Earth, would that explain why mountainous areas of the globe are stripped of iodine?

In addition to occurring in these deposits, a current theory concerning the origin of naturally occurring perchlorate in the environment focuses on natural atmospheric processes. This theory suggests that chloride, possibly in the form of sodium chloride from sea or land based chloride compounds blown in from the atmosphere, reacts with atmospheric ozone to create perchlorate. This process occurs over much of the earth and is analogous to nitrate formation in the atmosphere [13].

Perchlorate in drinking water or ingested by other means leads to inhibition of uptake of iodine (as iodide) into thyroid. The perchlorate ion blocks the NIS protein that normally acts as an iodide pump on the surface of the thyroid follicle.

This implies that O3 laid on the surface of Mars in such thickness as to become ubiquitous.  

Might this also have occurred on the surface of Earth?  Is this why iodine is depleted from much of our high altitude areas and in the Great Lakes area reaching down two fingers into the Rockies and the Appalachia?

perchlorate and iodine are taken up by thyroid so any overlayment of the surface of the Earth by O3 would produce a severely damaged human, both mentally and physically.  If the overlayment was long enough, all life would suffer and the metal constructs would disappear as if they never were.  

There are no aliens.  There was only the smarter us.  

If we suddenly got smarter 50,000 y ago (and there were earlier events)  would that imply that there had been an O3 overlayment on the surface of the Earth which 50,000 y ago was dissipated into perchlorate?  Or elevated to its present height?  Or both?  


What would cause this?  


Our magnetar sun, Sol.  


Perhaps a strong display of magnetism from Sol would act to compress the looseness in all materials, from cellular level and up.  This may have brought the O3 layer in contact with Earth’s surface.  


As R Duncan (U of Texas astrophysist) proposes, a magnetar rapidly loses energy.  This energy loss may be in ‘rings’ of burps of magnetism. Perhaps the same mechanism is now at work in the Greater Magellanic cloud where a star is shedding energy rings.


Would our sun have been originally a monopole magnetar?  

Does the rapid energy loss in magnetic rings blown out from the solar equator deplete the star so that it becomes a dipole?

Monopoles Explain Gravity by Magnetic Currents

Magnetar magnetic fields are organized into a dipole just like a bar magnet. Disruptions in the magnetic field by monopoles likely cause polar outbursts. Emissions are created at the poles where the magnetic fields bundle together into Birkeland currents. Anti-matter / matter interactions are believed to produce extreme amounts of X-rays and radio waves.  Mori says “electrons and positrons swirling in twisted magnetic field lines bundled at the magnetar’s poles produce X-rays and radio waves.


I like this idea that gravity is a shadow of magnetic emission of neutral matter monopoles.  


This fits with my theory of Sol being an nearly exhausted magnatar.  Likewise the energy Earth displays as gravity would be the shadow of the monopole energy.  


What do you think?  

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