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December 2013 going into 2014 and no solar reversal.  


Flowers for Algernon is a dirge for intelligence lost.  Our smarter selves have been lost for several thousand years or more.  


While the delayed reversal is focusing cellular life more sharply, and scientists are seeing more deeply into our hidden cellular mechanics, how much have we lost permanently?  


If my theory of the sun being a magnatar is correct and that it originally was a totally emitting body of radiation, the question is when did it become an emitter of both equatorial and polar cosmic rays?  As the energy of the magnatar decreases the solar emissions fade from the equator and are then primarily emitted from the poles, how much does each sun cycle decrease its emitted energy?  


Now that the equatorial solar emissions are almost non existent, being observed only for a few months during the magnetic reversal, can calculations be made to project how much energy has been lost?  


In as much as our smarter selves knew astronomical data which I believe was acquired by them directly via the water veil, and since this information has been lost for the most part, how much intelligence has been lost as well?  


Could it be we are just shadows of our smarter selves?  And the brief spark created when the sun acquired two poles during a delayed magnetic reversal is again just a shadow of our smarter selves, how would we rebuild our smarter selves?  


I suspect our efforts at acquiring genetic manipulation is a proposed way forward.  Reverse engineering in other words.  This would require a much greater energy environment than we now have the ability to attain.  


50,000 years ago we were as smart as we are now.  Since our magnatar star has steadily been losing energy that implies that we have been experiencing a loss of intelligence as the held over reversal period has grown less energetic and shorter.  As our intelligence is created via the held over magnetic reversal when the sun emits for the equator, we must have been aware of this loss for some time.  


That would mean that our smarter selves recognized this loss and would have taken steps to stop loss and to recreate the lost intelligence.  May we look at our global historical eras and see these steps in such as the pyramids of Europe?  May we assume isolated enclaves were designed to keep their genetic information among themselves and to not further degrade intelligence?  


Did they succeed?  Or is the collapsed water veil viewed as the global flood the end of the effort?  



“I think this work is the beginning of a revolution in chemistry,” Oganov says. “We found, at low pressures achievable in the lab, perfectly stable compounds that contradict the classical rules of chemistry. If you apply the rather modest pressure of 200,000 atmospheres — for comparison purposes, the pressure at the center of the Earth is 3.6 million atmospheres — everything we know from chemistry textbooks falls apart.”

Standard chemistry textbooks say that sodium and chlorine have very different electronegativities, and thus must form an ionic compound with a well-defined composition. Sodium’s charge is +1, chlorine’s charge is -1; sodium will give away an electron, chlorine wants to take an electron. According to chemistry texts and common sense, the only possible combination of these atoms in a compound is 1:1 — rock salt, or NaCl.

“We found crazy compounds that violate textbook rules — NaCl3, NaCl7, Na3Cl2, Na2Cl, and Na3Cl,” says Weiwei Zhang, the lead author and visiting scholar at the Oganov lab and Stony Brook’s Center for Materials by Design, directed by Oganov. “These compounds are thermodynamically stable and, once made, remain indefinitely; nothing will make them fall apart. Classical chemistry forbids their very existence. Classical chemistry also says atoms try to fulfill the octet rule — elements gain or lose electrons to attain an electron configuration of the nearest noble gas, with complete outer electron shells that make them very stable. Well, here that rule is not satisfied.”


And we were astounded when comb jellies replaced simple sponges at the base of the tree of life.  The description above is reminiscent of the puzzle of monoatomic gold isn’t it?  


So, what is behind this?  Well, obviously, it is our magnatar sun exuding from the solar equator in faint memory of the past when that was the order of the day, every day since time began.  


How will we react to this?  


We will make as much of any unusual compound as possible to stockpile it as we are aware that it is an ephemeral creation we will not be able to reproduce once the sun ceases equatorial cosmic ray emissions.  




We will try to overcome the disturbances in the energy that so far have kept nuclear fission from fulfilling its promise as safe energy.  If we are successful, then a source of energy to hopefully come close to what is now being experienced on Earth due to our star-with-two-of-same-pole will happen.  If only for a small site.  It would allow continued experiments in discovering the compressed world of the solar emissive equator of our magnatar sun.

I think the secrecy as to why these compounds are now able to be created on Earth will continue, especially if the end is near as it is according to NASA.  But if the delayed reversal were to continue, within a very few years this secret known to only a few would be the property of all and all would benefit.  It would be no secret as the obvious results would be everywhere and plentiful.  There can’t be a secret of a common occurrence.  


Perhaps the compounds created under our delayed reversed sun will be available long after the reversal finishes as to create the impression that there exists technology that enables their creation under a reversed sun.  Perhaps we will bluster and blow from one delayed reversal to the next pretending that we own the technology when all we actually can claim is chicanery.  


The Higg’s fiasco comes to mind; amazingly we will continue to claim this even tho it is glaringly obvious that our delayed solar reversal is the engine behind the accomplishment.  


What does the future hold for us?  


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