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and the magic number is…………

The Schumann resonance is what keeps healthy, our bodies are in resonance with Earth.—Changing-Or-Not?&id=3989287

To cope with astronaut health problems, NASA created a Schumann resonance machine the astronauts are bathed in.  So, even a little from the surface of the Earth is bad for us.  Obviously that means no space exploration.  

Says temperature is driving frequency higher

German physicist Professor W.O.Schumann of the Technical University of Munich predicted that there are electromagnetic standing waves in the atmosphere, within the cavity formed by the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. Schumann was teaching his students about the physics of electricity, when during a lesson he asked them to calculate the frequency between the inner and outer ball, meaning the earth and ionosphere layer. They came up with a calculation of 10Hz.

The Schumann resonance is not increasing in frequency, and in fact already has multiple higher frequency spectral lines at the frequencies predicted by basic quantum physics. The fundamental frequency of 7.8 Hz being determined by the size of the Earth,  the speed of light, and nothing else, with the higher frequency spectral  lines in addition being determined by the size of Plank’s constant….

  None of which are changing.

The amplitude (i.e. intensity) of the Schumann resonance is, however, not constant, and appears to be extremely dependent upon tropical (and hence global) temperature.  Indeed preliminary results seem to indicate that a mere one degree increase in temperature seems to be correlated with a doubling of the Schumann resonance.

Interesting idea re Tesla’s Tower and the mysterious Siberian impact without a crater in evidence.  The Tungusa.    Further, the article claims that subsequent A bomb explosions in the atmosphere were responsible for sudden unexplained bomb-like explosions on Earth.  Could that be the reason air burst were banned and experimentation took place underground?  


I have not been able to discover much past the one paper repeated endlessly without additional substantiation.  It would appear that all is hanging on the solar reversal to complete.  

It is unknown if the volcanic activity is actually changing the diameter of the Earth, either larger or smaller or what percentage if any will actually change the resonance of the Earth.  


One assumes in the past this actually happened— if legends and myths are taken into account–within human memory.  


I suspect that our vaunted claim to genetic engineering is pure blather.  What I believe the smarter us accomplished is what we have been dong.  I believe genetic engineering is beyond our and possibly the smarter us’ scope.  I suspect that genetic engineering is opening a door and finding 12 more doors.  What I think was then and has been now accomplished is the closeting of desired traits to produce an emphasis in the resulting individual.  


How might that be accomplished now?  By the use of hypnotic anesthetic drugs during surgery where the talents, assets and likes are catalogued for future reference by not only the elites of the medico and psycho professions but by use of the police as well.  One imagines this is justified by the current terrorist hysteria emphasis.  


I believe that this selective use of ‘cherry picking the low hanging fruit’ is now being done by medical surgical personnel.  I suspect assets are even now being directed thru hypnotic suggestions to the benefit of the local governments and personnel.  


I believe that individuals are tagged for their usefulness as child care workers and other laborious jobs which the elite would find unwelcome.  Please remember that in all of our historical societies the wealthy have not raised or even nursed their own children, that is for the servant class.  It is not such a big stretch to see the current raft of hypnotic drugs being used to acquire a competent servant by emphasizing their failure to live up to their own expectations and the heavy guilt of that failure to justify their exclusion from attaining a satisfying and rewarding job, and instead accepting a life time of a servant.  


I suspect that the elite themselves, medical, law enforcement, education, research consider themselves as worthy of being above menial labor and justify the acquisition of servant labor through guilt.  Their own time too important to devote to menial pursuits.  


How then would this have turned out in the deep historical past?  The people whose selection via temperament and passivity would have been encouraged by proximity to choose among themselves like spouses.  In a very short time, as Russian researchers have demonstrated with fox trait selections, there would be a strong tendency for the desired characteristics.  A line of ready-made servants in other words.  


In my other papers, I have suggested the BBs were adjusted in just such a way.  There was no genetics involved, only manipulation of desired characteristics.  We do not have to see the smarter us as somehow phenomenally smarter, just successful at what is now being done.  Adjusting people’s traits by emphasizing the one’s most desired by the elites.  

As I have said before that would be a product that would be first beautiful, second tame, third brilliant, my BBs.  Blue eyed, blond engineers that were according to the genetic flow in America DNA/USA originated off shore west of Ireland to the mountains of Germany, etc.   


Of course, this requires a confined area where the elite rule.  


Is the coming change in resonance where this would happen?  



Here the belt is described as the “torqued infinity symbol shape” near the center of the Milky Way


Miles Mathis new paper:

In previous papers, I have shown that we have evidence of larger nuclei doing extraordinary things to

smaller nuclei, when the two are brought very close together. This is because the charge channels very

close to the nucleus are amazingly dense, and under the right circumstances we have seen star-like

strengths from these channels, causing proton and neutron re-arrangement in the outer levels of the

nucleus. For example, we saw the four Fluorines re-arranging the charge channels and even the outer

protons of Carbon

in Carbon TetraFluoride

. We saw Platinum with the help of Fluorine forcing an

entry into Xenon, and

creating a compound with a Noble Gas

. And we saw a passing neutron being

able to break Uranium into Krypton and Barium. So we know some pretty extraordinary things happen

outside of stars.

In this case, it is simply Oxygen that is creating 2H. But Oxygen can’t do it in normal circumstances,

since Oxygen is normally a gas. To create 2H, we (usually) need the Oxygen in water, which has the

extra charge channels of its two Hydrogens, as well as the density of the water itself and its added

polarity. Before we get to the mechanism, I will tell you how I knew Oxygen had to be creating 2H.

One, we see 2H in the oceans. Two, we see 2H in the same concentrations in comets, which also have

water or ice. Three, we see 2H in Jupiter, but in lower concentrations. I only had to do the math to see

it was the water that was causing the production of 2H. The concentration of 2H in the oceans is .

0156%. The concentration of 2H in Jupiter is said to be about .0022%. This means Jupiter has about

14% as much as the Earth. Well, how much water does Jupiter have? We are told it has about .0004%.

How much water does the Earth have? About .01%. Jupiter has 4% as much water. So we are off by

about 3.5x.


……………………So you now understand how 2H is created without the necessity of stars or other very hot places.

Fusion is created here by the very near presence of a larger nucleus, and a turning of neutrons to create

a nearly instantaneous increase in charge channeling.

Science has been emphasizing the difference between the warm upper layer of the ocean and the colder, saltier layer underneath.  While our sun Sol, is not given magnetic powers, magnetism is acknowledged to be an effect within our galaxy.

The solar corona is hot due to magnetic waves from the interior.  



Our Sol, expending magnetic energy, envelops Earth.  This energy keeps a layer of H2O in expanded condition, separating  the surface of the Earth from a layer of thin water that reaches from the surface to the tops of the Andes and the mountains of Tibet.  


These ‘islands in the mists’ are exposed to greater cosmic rays than the soggy humid lands on the surface of the Earth.  How this much exposure to radiation would affect the human development is not known.  


How the Ice Ages began is not known.  The onset may have been connected to the initial failure of the ‘water veil.’  As the magnetic wrap produced by Sol weakened, the areas of the Earth with significantly less weather would find the ‘water veil’ so weakened as to have significant downpours resulting in draining the polar areas of their veil resulting in first a tremendous warming and greening and subsequently massive snows.  


The cold, once begun would continue and include areas further south and result in Snowball Earth.  Science now proposes the way Earth escaped the ice tomb is accumulated co2 from underseas volcanic activity.  Even a subsequent Ice Earth prior to the Cambrian explosion did not permanently encase the Earth in ice.  


Life, multicellular life, really did start at the Cambrian, 1/2 billion years ago.  500 million years before now.  When Venus’ surface became molten.  This implies a solar system wide heating event.  


Science now knows that the extraordinarily energetic cosmic particles identified and once thought to be from outside our solar system, are indeed products of Sol.  They are caught by Earth’s magnetosphere, stretched to the limit, and whipped forward where the magnetic energy is blown apart into electrical and other forms.  It is poorly identified as magnetic reconnection which it is not.  


Science finds that dino times were hot, low ox, and high carbon di.

If there was life under the water veil, was this it?  

Perhaps this Cambrian event was what science has discovered still occurs, albeit less energetically.  If our energetic events are decreasing in energy, then perhaps our Sol is decreasing in its energetic spurts as typifying a magnetar?  


If the ‘water veil’ was a direct consequence of Sol’s display of magnetism typifying a magnetar, and I propose it was, then its failure is a result of Sol’s decreasing magnetic energy as typifying a magnetar.  How then did it collapse?


I propose that the CMEs we know see are the way our ‘water veil’ collapsed, a weather system at a time.  When the CME impacted the ‘water veil’ a local collapse similar in effect to sprinkles from a salt shaker occurred.  The reversed magnetic field of the CME acted to create a ‘hole’ in the ‘water veil’ clearing or cancelling the magnetic field that kept the water elevated.


The Seas book:  page 93

says 120,000 y ago the seas were 10 foot higher.  We were not around in high tech then producing co2 which means to me that this global warming is not man made.  


Also page 37 says that methane and oxygen make carbon di and water.  These meteorites/comets/asteroids lately making a splash in the atmosphere produce brilliant green light indicates they are primarily oxygen.  With warming producing methane one might suspect the production of carbon di and water to be the result.  


This ‘hole’ finds its place in history as an entrance to the underworld.  This is usually described as a river.  Would the ‘hole’ appear as a circular waterfall?  As the magnetic field continued to fade, more and more of the ‘water veil’ would collapse.  How long would this take?  


We are 5 million years old, the same age as the Mediterranean Sea in its current incarnation.  


Is this time the end of the ‘water veil’?  


Is this when Greenland was abandoned and its inhabitants spread east into Europe and the mountains?  Is Greenland the last piece of Earth to lose its ‘water veil’?  Is the ice coating Greenland evidence of the collapse of the last ‘water veil’ of Earth?  


Would the ‘water veil’ have been sufficient to create a different resonance by making the Earth appear larger?  And with its collapse appear smaller?  Is this the difference in our resonance?

Science notes that among several other times, humans experience a jump in intelligence as identified in their ‘tool kits.’  50,000 ya humans became like us.  Artistic, inventive, thoughtful.  War like.  Did different kinds of humans appear under each collapsed ‘water veil’?   Did this happen in the same way that plants are adapting to the excessive radiation of Chernobyl?  To protect themselves they are extracting 5% more protein from the soil.  What happens when the need for the radiative protection is available for other uses?  


The claimed beginning of agriculture in Turkey, Gobekli Tepe, may have been just one of many human beginnings.  All centered on a collapsed ‘water veil’ that allowed strong plant growth, the plant-eaters, and the predators.  


But then Neanders had a brain bigger than ours.  Their children matured quicker.  What does that imply about the subsequent species, us?  


The P question:


Elser wonders if the Ediacaran biota, first stimulated by initial increases in the phosphorus supply in the biosphere 600 million years ago, may have been poisoned by further influxes of phosphate recorded in the early Cambrian rock record. The Cambrian animals that followed needed to find a way to accommodate the increased phosphate. Elser suggests the solution, for at least some of the animals, was the ability to produce the mineral apatite. This calcium-phosphate mineral was deposited as hard body parts, and apatite is still the main component of our bones today.  


Interjection by K Sisco:  For a good reason the Russians call apatite the ‘mineral of death.”


“Your bones have more phosphorus by mass in them than calcium,” says Elser. “Everyone knows you’ve got to drink milk to get calcium, but everyone forgets about the phosphorus part of the mineral. Our argument is that the first function of apatite formation in animals was not for structural support the way it is used now. Instead, it was originally a detoxification mechanism as a way of preventing excess dietary phosphate from affecting physiology.”


The emergence of hard parts in animals by phosphate deposition could account for the “explosion” of fossils in the Cambrian rock record, since hard parts are better preserved over long time scales than soft body parts.


Elser also says that the increased phosphate – after eons where there was very little phosphate available in the environment — may have allowed multi-cellular life forms to proliferate.


“Our proposal is that during the very early Earth, the phosphate deficiency contributed to holding the animals back,” says Elser. “Any multi-cellular consumers didn’t have a viable lifestyle because the food was too nutrient-poor.”


Bruce Runnegar, an astrobiologist at UCLA, doesn’t think phosphate played such a central role in the extinction of Ediacaran biota and the Cambrian explosion which followed.


“I would put more money on oxygen rather than phosphate as an intrinsic trigger of the Cambrian explosion,” says Runnegar. “Phosphate may have been a follower rather than a leader.”  


Elser acknowledges that the oxygen hypothesis for the Cambrian explosion is compelling in many ways, “but if you see something happening quickly, you’d think the cause of that event also would be happening quickly.” He says the Cambrian phosphate deposits are remarkable because throughout Earth’s history there was little phosphate available, and then suddenly there’s a huge spike.


What caused so much phosphate to be released into the environment at one time?  


What I think caused it is a heated core blowout.  Our Earth experiences a periodic heated core which then releases earth gases and minerals in gas form due to the core heat.  The core is where most phosphorus is stored and what would be released upon a heated core blowout.  


As the Cambrian explosion occurred around 650 my and may have been part of a solar system wide heating event sponsored by Sol, this explanation of why phosphorus may be correct.  


Further back, after the Beetle Sun imploded and the rocky inner planets were created, later solar magnetic upsets may have induced the heated core of the Earth to eject the now-Pacific basin as Moon material.


All of these fascinating theories await confirmation by the James Webb telescope.  


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