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50,000 years ago the ice cover on Earth began to melt—and it began at the poles.  


Why don’t we know this?  



.. the root of their quest is a climate transition that marine-sediment studies reveal happened some 1.2 million years to 900,000 years ago. “The Mid Pleistocene Transition is a most important and enigmatic time interval in the more recent climate history of our planet,” says Fischer. Earth’s climate naturally varies between times of warming and periods of extreme cooling (ice ages) over thousands of years. Before the transition, the period of variation was about 41 thousand years while afterwards it became 100 thousand years. “The reason for this change is not known.”  



Fall warming is the most prevalent and driven by climate.  


Our climate change involves mega storms with yearly amounts of rain and cyclonic winds.  These I propose are driven by the sun’s delayed magnetic reversal where by the equator of the sun emits cosmic rays unlike the periods where the reversal did not delay.  This is accompanied by a different shape of the heliosheath.  



Winds on Venus getting stronger; similar to our Earth storms.  


Saturn polar hexagon



NASA reveals identical hexagon to Saturn’s on the Sun


And what is it looking for?  Rare Earths.  


Number 66 dysprosium is used with manganese (25) and oxygen (8)  to make a magnetic/electric field.  


A magnet has a magnetic field, but no electric field, whilst a piezoelectric crystal can generate electric fields, but not magnetic fields. “Usually, both effects are created in very different ways,” says Professor Andrei Pimenov. “Magnetic ordering comes from electrons aligning their magnetic moments, while electric ordering comes from positive and negative charges moving with respect to one another.” – See more at: http://www.newelectronics.co.uk/electronics-news/electricity-and-magnetism-coupled-in-new-material-claim-researchers/57988/#sthash.sXLwHE6j.dpuf


In 2006, Prof Pimenov found evidence of excitations based on electric and magnetic ordering. These excitations, called ‘electromagnons’, have been debated by materials scientists, but Prof Pimenov and his team have succeeded in switching such excitations on and off with an electric field in a material made of dysprosium, manganese and oxygen (DyMnO3).


In this material, many electrons align their magnetic moments at low temperatures. Each electron has a magnetic direction which is slightly distorted with respect to the adjoining electron – therefore the electrons create spiral of magnetic moments. The spiral has two possible orientations – clockwise or anticlockwise – and an external electric field can switch between these two possibilities.


The effect can be demonstrated by sending terahertz radiation through the material: The polarisation of the terahertz beam is changed if the multiferroic material exhibits magnetic ordering. If the magnetic spiral in the material can be switched with an electric field, this electric field determines whether the polarisation of the terahertz beam is being rotated.

– See more at: http://www.newelectronics.co.uk/electronics-news/electricity-and-magnetism-coupled-in-new-material-claim-researchers/57988/#sthash.sXLwHE6j.dpuf



Proposes that the ley line of Earth are the origin sites.  


Description of ley lines


Consider:  Our sun is a magnetar which is described as losing energy rapidly by R Duncan astrophysicist at U of Texas.  



I wonder if Earth does not experience a similar effect to the nitrogen gas sublimation that lowers the temperature of Pluto?  


Saturn has a massive magnetic field.  


Earth’s core is suspected to be a 4 sided iron crystal which may explain the pizeoelectric effect.  Was our tilt December 9 when the blue spirals were in evidence sufficient to align the magnetic moments?   


What does seem obvious is that our glacial periods do not begin to end with melting at the equator but rather they begin to end with melting at the poles.  That would explain the deep history of the Denisovians close to the Artic circle and the discovery of very ancient humans in South Africa.  And the cache of woven grass moccasins in a cave high in the Andes whose estimated age was 6,000 y ago.  


How to explain a planetary release from an ice age that begins at the poles and moves inward to the equator?  We accept that ice which we plainly see in the polar regions moved to the equator but we have no theory or even concept of warm originating at the polar regions on a glacial planet and moving to the equator.  


Are these periods connected to a delayed magnetic reversal of our sun?  Or is the delayed reversal merely a larger part of our sun’s magnetic component?  


Says Antarctic melting happened BEFORE warming in the north hemisphere.  


Is this indicative of what happens when our sun delays its magnetic reversal?  Does our Earth copy the sun?  Does our south pole begin to heat if the sun develops two south pole?  


Deep sea Antarctic warming led off the ice age melt.


40 million years ago there was no ice.  I suspect that the water veil held sway above the Earth.  Below it the land was dry and hot.  As the water was levitated by a magnetic field, the resulting gravity was greatly less.  The era of the dinosaurs had ended and the heat had stripped the land of moisture.  This is described in P Ward’s Gorgon.  The gorgons were the biggest form alive.  And even these show proclivity for elevated areas and amazingly adaptation to low ox by bones being modified with air sacs.  

I propose this is when birds became air borne life; an adaptation to scarce water on the extremely hot surface.  Survival depended on being able to travel great distances and even to rise up into the area of the water veil.  



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