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I have felt the resonance.  Science had just announced their discovery of ‘gravity waves’ and this passage affected me on the 18 of March.  Our sun was continuing what it does in preserving life here on its child Earth.  Emitting a human-supporting resonance while in a monopole state.  

It is not that I agree with gravity waves, I think this expected resonance from Sol during its monopole phase was quickly lapped up by thirsty scientists looking to confirm yet another one of Einstein’s oases in this barren desert of solar knowledge.  


Could Sol’s exuded resonance be prompted by an energy force from the galactic center?  It is a claim that cannot be supported or refuted.  But how usable!  But to imagine that this energy could emerge from a galactic center and imbue all surrounding bodies is unimaginable. One assumes the believability component of this claim is that G2 is now embraced by the galactic center.   And everybody ‘knows’ that bh eat gas/stars, etc.


There is also the idea that the event that created the Fermi bubbles blown from Sag * A estimated by science to have happened in the distant past,   20,000 l y in size, may have produced an auxiliary action that could have been felt here in Sol’s system.  

Additionally, it would have to have been an instantaneous transmission of energy on the order of ‘action at a distance’, or quantum entanglement.  Perhaps when we hear hoofbeats we should think horses and not zebras.  If there was spooky action at a distance, then it would have to have originated at the solar core and emitted outward.  


More likely is the reflected energy from our pyramid structures bouncing off the ionosphere.  After an extended period, over a year, this energy amassed the capability to spread itself out through the ‘water veil’ of our planet, doing what its builder’s intended; supporting life on Earth.  Could this be a calming action similar to the Russian woodpecker? One assumes that HAARP is not to distribute a resonance similar to calming waves but to collect and store energy emitted by the sun during its phase change from monopole and back again.

for example:  This article on  At face value this is an interpertation of my theory.  

How could the life born under a monople saturated Earth survive on one mostly dipolar?

Climate change may prevent contact with alien civilisations


                Jun 10, 2014                 13            

So much more believable to conjecture this is an effect of our magnetar sun.  This cycle of our sun has created and destroyed life; with each passing magnetic reversal, actually a phase change from dipole to a brief monopole, the energy emitted by Sol is less, altering life less and allowing the betting for our current state to become permanent.  


Notice that science is finding thought-extinct species alive and well.  Thank our monopole sun.  


One wonders if our smarter selves had tracked this monopole/dipole cycle for sufficient time ‘to predict when a delayed magnetic reversal’ would produce a transformative change?  

The ancient Egyptians knew and watched the Algol system of 3 interacting solar bodies.  Why?


I suggest that they were watching for the same reason we are; to learn about what is close by watching what is far more viewable albeit far away.  May I suggest two reasons:  

1) That the knowledge gained would be applied to our Sol in its magnetic reversals, and

2) That the knowledge gained would be applied to our Earth’s core.  This last may seem strange but we ourselves wonder about the workings of our planet’s core.  


Science conjectures that our core is a ball rolling around in an empty hollow sphere.  Of course surrounded by inner core, an outer inner core, mantle, etc.  

This possibility leads to the theories of an expanded planet, if the inner core partially transmuted to another element, say hydrogen or H2O.  


Recent info on Earth’s inner inner core:

Weakness in the core:


Normally when an unexpected fluctuation and demonstrated weakness make themselves known the expectation is that an instability will lead to collapse.  

Is that what science is looking for?  

That would explain our surface water which in defiance of our theory of gravity insists on elevating itself into the atmosphere to become weather.  

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