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If time and space are the same, could this happen?  


Looking at the sky scientists find that the Magellanic Clouds are close and intriguing.  


The authors of this study are among a small but growing number of astrophysicists who find the standard model fails to replicate what’s observed and therefore they seek alternatives.

They suggest an alternative and older explanation for the satellite dwarf galaxies: an ancient collision between two large galaxies.


Well, No.


There is also a problem with that scenario; it seems that galaxies do not actually collide.  




Wonderful description of how and when galaxies collide and the results.  

Well, No.


What happens is that the galaxy with the larger black hole that absorbs the smaller would then experience a violation of space-time continuum.  The mass would surpass the amount allowed and initiate a jump in space time.  


This is what I see when I look at the former Maglennic  galaxy now stripped of its massive black hole and most of its stars.  Why is it just a shadow of its former self?  Why are there two dwarf satellite galaxies, the Larger Magellanic Cloud and the Smaller Magellanic Cloud orbiting in the plane of the Milky Way in violation of how theory predicts?  


Because upon absorbing an overcapacity of energy the black hole turns its mass into energy and jumps across space time.  The jump uses most of the bh energy and the major matter settles not too far away from the galaxy.  In this case just far enough that we see the Magellanic Clouds from Earth.


163,000 ly from Earth.  


This theory is outside the proposed model of the universe formation which itself encompasses several ‘fixes’ in the manner of ‘dark energy and dark matter.”




“Thestandard model contains various putative ingredients— such as dark matter and dark energy —which were introduced because the model wasn’t consistent with observations,” said study co-author Dr Benoit Famaey from the University of Strasbourg, France.  


The jump through space time uses most of the bh energy so one would expect to find a smaller galaxy in the neighborhood stripped.  Science has it backwards when they propose these satellite galaxies are growing, no, they are the bones left after the major black hole –actually a magnetically energized maze for photons– absorbed the smaller bh.  And in doing so violated the amount of energy able to be present, and expended most of it in a jump through space time.  


This is a wonderful problem as both its start and end are describable.  


On a universe scale, the pockets of galaxies that science has found stay in much the same place through time –similar to pool balls on the table—in complete ignorance of what science describes as an expanding universe outside of the galaxy bubbles.  


How they stay bubbled up is due to a magnetic field –again– that retains the energy to the space inside.  


Amazingly enough, we see that same controlled energy inside a local bubble, called solar systems constrained by the magnetic field outside the Oort Cloud.  


Now one would suppose that this energy is also evident on atomic scale.  


One would also suppose this ‘collected energy’ is controlled by a magnetic field and correctly so.  

When you have a weak magnetic field, the energy inside is loosely bound, when the outside magnetic field is strong, the inside energy is tightly bound.  


Our magnetar sun, Sol, is a wonderful example of energy tightly bound beginning as a monopole.  As the energy is dissipated, and the monopole initiates dipolarity at the cost of monopolarity, the energy emitted is at first monopole tight and then dipole loose.  Switching between the two always emitting less monopolarity energy and increasing dipolarity.  One supposed that the energy loss must arrive at zero with a dead magnetar.  

Is the quantum merely an default description of our monopole energy?  


Another aspect of this is describing how this happens.  When the energy overload pushes a bh  ( a Light Terminus starbody) what is this energy?  Is it the antimatter that is supposed to annihilate matter upon contact?  Perhaps it does not annihilate but forces a break in the time/space continuum?  


How would that operate on the level of day to day atomic structures?  Say in a collider?  

I you pushed matter into antimatter would it move in space time?  Locally? Detectably?  On a scale humans can identify and measure?  


The Ancient Chinese identify a long gone configuration of the heavens described by Fusi, and the current arrangement of stars in the sky by the Great Yu.  This almost mythical event may have been a result of our solar system having been moved through the heavens in a matter/antimatter event initiated by an overload of energy at the LT starbody (bh) and almost certainly the event science claims is the producer of gravity waves.  

And possibly what science’s newest darling is:  a wormhole through space.  

Consider:  Chinese myth depict a time where the heavenly stars were different, and a later time when the new arrangement was recorded.  





Ancient Chinese were aware that the prime music tone changed.

That sacred tone, which relates to the Western modern pitch of F, was considered as the fundamental cosmic tone. The Chinese were aware of the slow changing cosmic influence, and consequently the Kung has to change accordingly. The Emperor had the task of tuning the Kung so it was in alignment with the cosmic tone.

Before a concert begins, a reference tone, the concert pitch, is played so the instruments can tune their middle a’. In modern times the pitch was set to 440 Hz. by the second International Standard Pitch Conference in London 1938. It is a high pitch compared to the older concert pitch of 435 Hz., which was introduced by the French government in 1859 in cooperation with musicians such as Hector Berlioz, Meyerbeer and Rossini.

The concert pitch has varied in earlier times, depending on country and time. In the book On the Sensation of Tone by Helmholtz, a record of concert pitch in Europe covers many pages. The characteristic for Western music is that concert pitch is arbitrary. It has no relation to forces above man. There is no reference to earthly or celestial influx, but only to an artificial standard.

For the old Chinese the tuning of their fundamental tone, Kung, was a matter of utmost importance for their civilization; it had to be in alignment with the Cosmic tone so the celestial influence could be channeled into society by music.

We earlier mentioned Cousto’s calculations (in his book The Cosmic Octave). He relates the Kung to the frequency of the Platonic Year. The note of the Platonic year is found to be F in Western Equal Temperament pitch, which is in the 48th octave with a frequency of 344.12 Hz.

The Indians’ method had the character of meditation, since the musician not only has to tune his instrument to the keynote in the prelude, he also attunes himself to it, and gives the audience the opportunity to do so too. This long introduction is essential since the musicians have to tune in to the ‘sadja’, the everlasting, never-ceasing tone. According to Indian tradition it stands for primordial vibration, which is called ‘nada’ and expresses the universal OM.

The OM sound, according to Cousto, corresponds approximately to the C sharp in the small octave of the present day tuning system (136 Hz), and to the 32nd octave tone of the Earth year. It means that in lowering 136 Hz tone by 32 octaves, the resulting frequency will be as slow as the amount of time it takes the Earth to circle the sun.

It is interesting to note that the Indians arrived at this tone, which we can calculate mathematically, ‘simply’ through intuition and meditation.

(The calculation is: A day consists of 86,400 seconds. A tropical year has 365,242 days = 31,556,925,9747 seconds. The reciprocal value multiplied by 232 = 136,10221 Hz.)

Concert pitch in western music, which is 440 Hz for the middle A, ought to be 435,92 Hz based on the note corresponding to the average solar day, according to Cousto.

According to the book by David Taime, The Secret Power of Music, 3 was the symbolic numeral of heaven and 2 that of the earth; sounds in the ratio of 3:2 will harmonize heaven and earth. As a way to apply that important concept, the Chinese took the foundation note, ‘Huang Chung’, and from it produced a second note in the ratio of 3:2.

Concept of cyclic time:


There is a feature that ancient Chinese astronomy shares with m

any other early

agricultural societies: the cyclic concept of time. That is, ma

jor or specific events that

happen in any period are believed to have happened before and w

ill happen again.

We do not know how old cyclic time ideas are in China, but writings about them

can be found in records from the Shang, Chou (beginning in 1122

BC.), and Han

(beginning in 202 BC). Babylonians, Sumerians, ancient Greeks,

and Mayans all

had detailed cyclic cosmologies as well. The concept of cyclic

time shared by these

peoples contrasts with the Western view of linear time. From a Western philosophical

perspective (as well as the scientific one of the Big Bang), the

re is a single beginning

to everything. To the Chinese, beginnings occurred over and over. Perhaps this deep

cultural belief facilitated the cycle of dynasties: birth, expansion, decay, and a new

dynasty’s birth.  


The text of the Shu Ching of the eighth century BC reports that a legendary emperor

named Yao, living in 2357 BC, before the Shang, gave detailed instructions which

relate certain circumpolar stars to certain equatorial stars. Emperor Yao’s instructions

show that the change in Chinese astronomy, adding the Imperial Palace to the Four

Beasts, had occurred a while before his reign.   

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