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Thats whats on page 4 of Ancient Mysteries, Lost Lands and Catastrophes.


A Safe Place to Live

“This was behind the force at work besides a desire to develop a rationalist view of the Earth’s history free from biblical influence.  This was the straightforward desire-shared by scientists with the rest of us- to view the Earth as a safe place to live. “


Well, its not.


We look at the distant past and see migrations which we then attribute to climate change but go no further.  We do not see, nor wish to see, what drove the climate change.


As I have stated many times in various papers, this was a result of our Earth’s heated core rapidly dissipating the heat engendered by our magnetar sun under its monopolarity cycle.


But the problem is why our Ice Ages, the latest (110,000-9,000) which had brief intermissions, changed.  20,000 y ago our brief intermissions ended and we veered into the heat we have today.  Science has no conclusions but proposes comets, etc.


I propose the reason is due to what had been occurring all along.  Every monopole cycle,  each shorter than the last, ended with the resumption of the dipole cycle, each longer than the last, with the heated core of the Earth rapidly ejected this heat built up during the monopole cycle.


Only this time it was different.  Previously the forceful ejection of the energy producing the heat had displaced this energy ABOVE our atmosphere where possibly some was trapped by the Van Allen radiation belts.  The important fact was that it dissipated ABOVE the Earth’s atmosphere.


Only this time it did not.  This time, 20,000 years ago, the energy was too little to lift it ABOVE the atmosphere and it became trapped IN the atmosphere.  Possibly the inexplicable stone walls of massive weight and exacting measurements were the products of  this trapped energy.  Did this trapped energy lead to malleable stone?  Did this malleable stone  possess limited attraction for gravity?  Were the cyclopean walls constructed of this malleable stone the result of this trapped energy?


This trapped energy produced enormous climate change that led to the large animal life being hunted by humans no longer held down by ferocious ice storms and frigid weather.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clovis_culture


We can argue about where Clovis came from ad nauseum, but arrive they did and hunt they did.


Extraordinary heat became the order of the day with the resultant migration of peoples across the globe.  One article on Wiki said there were defensive walls in an early copper site when there would have been no need for them.   I suggest that the defensive walls were for the purpose of protecting the population’s food stores not from armed attackers but from mobile and starving migrants.


From Wiki



Main articles: Chalcolithic Europe and Metallurgy during the Copper Age in Europe

An archaeological site in southeastern Europe (Serbia) contains the oldest securely dated evidence of copper making at high temperature, from 7,500 years ago. The find in June 2010 extends the known record of copper smelting by about 800 years, and suggests that copper smelting may have been invented in separate parts of Asia and Europe at that time rather than spreading from a single source.[3] In Serbia, a copper axe was found at Prokuplje, which indicates that humans were using metals in Europe by 7,500 years ago (~5,500 BC), many years earlier than previously believed.[5] Knowledge of the use of copper was far more widespread than the metal itself. The European Battle Axe culture used stone axes modeled on copper axes, even with imitation “mold marks” carved in the stone.[6] Ötzi the Iceman, who was found in the Ötztal Alps in 1991 and whose remains were dated to about 3300 BC, was found with a Mondsee copper axe.

Chalcolithic copper mine in Timna Valley, Negev Desert, Israel

Examples of Chalcolithic cultures in Europe include Vila Nova de São Pedro and Los Millares on the Iberian Peninsula.[7] Pottery of the Beaker people has been found at both sites, dating to several centuries after copper-working began there. The Beaker culture appears to have spread copper and bronze technologies in Europe, along with Indo-European languages.[8


Main articles: Metallurgy in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and Metallurgy in pre-Columbian America

The term is also applied to American civilizations that already used copper and copper alloys thousands of years before the European conquest. Besides the cultures from the Andes and Mesoamerica, the Old Copper Complex, located in present-day Michigan and Wisconsin in the United States, used copper for tools, weapons, and other implements. However, no evidence for copper smelting or alloying has been found here and objects were hammered into shape. Artifacts from these sites have been dated from 4000 to 1000 BC, making them some of the oldest Chalcolithic sites in the entire world.[1




That the world was fully populated seems irrefutable.  And subject to cyclic environmental upheavals due to the change from monopole to dipole in the sun.  Each cycle end adding to the energy in the atmosphere reflecting the increased heat.


I suggest the flood was connected to the collapse of the water veil surrounding the Earth similar to the rings now discovered on Uranus.  I have already proposed the heavier dust dispersed into the atmosphere as loess.  There is a common world-wide flood legend.


It would appear that the great dread of our past trumped scientific understanding and we have today what Miles Mathis criticizes as imperfect -and manufactured to fit the desired facts of -scientific research.


I theorize that our drowned coastlines stem from the collapse of the water veil.  If you consider  the historical finds of drowned human constructions as far underneath the ocean as 3 miles, then one has to conclude that our human selves had established these constructions before the collapse of the water veil.


That would lead to the acceptance that the Giza pyramid and the bigger and older Bosnian complex as existing before the collapse of the water veil, or at least an impetus to their construction.   The resonance from Giza forms a circle encompassing the tip of Sicily, thru Italy, the Balkans and the Bosnian pyramids, the area above the Sea of Azov.  All implicated as sites for healthful resonance.  The oldest worked gold find, indicating trade as researchers postulate that some recovered objects were specifically designed to be geometric teaching tools, was discovered in Bulgaria.  http://www.anistor.gr/english/enback/o033.htm


Could it be that our smarter selves recognized the consequence of the failing  monopole sun, and began constructions on continents high above?  Or that there was such a slow deterioration of the water veil as to allow humans to relocate?  Perhaps even to seek an explanation for the collapse?  Such as the Ancient Egyptians interest in Algol?


One may suspect the cavity under the water veil and the sea was a resonating chamber and the surviving humans struggled to recreate this in the open atmosphere of the Earth, a much larger chamber now exhibiting a changed resonance?


It appears humanity did not suffer irreparable losses in the collapse of the water veil, and the subsequent earthquakes and climate heating.  Since most cultures seem to have a similar myths, one assumes that the travel of our globe was not impaired.  Nor is it necessary to postulate an interloper solar body or black hole or Planet X .  If such an encounter did occur, the damage to the living Earth would have been much more severe.


Possibly the trapped energy led to an abeyance of gravity sufficient for the Earth to turn tippi top.  Or to create various other examples of magnetic reversals in place.


I suggest our water cycle will lead to the diminishment of Earth’s water, leading eventually to  a Mars like planet and that science while still refuting our genuine history, will make strides in tapping the energy from the sun to assist with losses on the surface of the Earth.


The Second Law remains supreme.


Addendum info:


Interesting finding is that 5% of population reacts favorably to positive ions.  Perhaps an effect attributable to the influence of the former stronger monopole state?


A description of the ceramic ‘pillows’ implies that negative ions are transduced to positive ions.


Mitochrondria are the single path to our developed selves.  Now that the original capture of this energy factory by a cell has been determined to be fact, we should consider the unusual nature of this energy factory.  Without its incorporation, we would not exist.


The question is why would a low energy environment like the dipole cycle produce an energy factory?  Well, it wouldn’t.  It would take an environment that was saturated with energy, awash with energy.  And that is what we find in the monopole cycle of our magnetar sun.


Now that science has astounded itself by proving comb jellies are life, advanced life, developed before sponges, perhaps will will also be able to accept that this energy factory, the mitochrondria, was a product of the monopole cycle of our magnetar sun.


Thank You, Lynn Margulis



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