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What caused the Earth to tilt?  

Not the galactic super wave.

Not a visiting asteroid, comet, meteor, planet, or black hole.


The Earth produces gases due to the unusual shape of the magnetosheath during a delayed magnetic reversal, which I term a monopole phase.  See NASA a star with two poles.  


Our Earth’s sun is a magnetar.  Sol, our sun, began life imploded from a red gas giant with gas planetary bodies already in place.  During the implosion, the dirty gas (metalized) was ejected to form the rocky inner planets.  Sol began as a monopole losing constant energy which heated the planets.  Slowly the energy loss changed sol from a monopole more than 50 % of the time to a dipole more than 50% of the time.  The dipole phase created a lesser magnetosheath which allowed life to begin.  Perhaps this was at 650,000, 000 y ago.  When the oceans could support multicellular life.  All this wrapped in a magnetic shell known as the Oort shell.  


Science has discovered that comb jellies–advanced life–came before sponges.  Life began under the monopole sun.  All subsequent life is a combination of molecules formed under the more energetic monopole sun and the lesser energetic life of the dipole sun in a competition to survive.  We are the result, a Rube Goldberg invention.  

Each change from the monopole sun to dipole sun let energy from the inner Earth energetically exit Earth’s lithosphere.  Science is discovering this as the sea floor is mapped showing huge movements of sediments and land forms strewn about.  In his book Vital Vastness, the author claims an immense cavern under the sea floor of the Pacific.  This I suggest would be a source of a gas blowout.  Science has a term for a radiation induced acne, chlor acne.  The Earth has chlor acne due to inner heating which I suggest is due to the Sol’s monopole phase.  


Science feels that the sun has lost so much of its magnetic energy–it is after all, a magnetar—that there will not be any more massive gas blowouts associated with the end of a monopole phase.  That phase is now only in evidence as a ‘delayed magnetic reversal.’   


It would help to envision Earth as a balloon, easily pinched in one area and as a result expands in another.  This is the true cause of what we see as axial tilt.  This is what we see in history, the Earth going tippi top, tilting with evidence such as what I propose:  the Tibetan uplift as a result of a magnetic spiral vortex twisting to the right and pulling up.  That was the first vortex, the subsequent vortex gripped the NP and twisted right, stopping before completely pulling Greenland up and over the pole.

I suggest that this magnetic vortex actually caused the cessation of the northern hemisphere rotation.  I suggest that this abeyance of magnetism also affected gravity greatly diminishing it.  As the first magnetic grip was over the Tibetan plateau, fewer animal life on land and sea were affected.  The second tho, was over the current North pole and did affect greatly the sea life and in particularly Greenland.  It would appear that this magnetic grip works somehow concurrently with and through salt water.  Nothing else would allow this enormous continental mass known as Greenland to be moved like a boat north.  


I also believe that this stoppage of rotation is evident in the Mid Atlantic Ridge where below

where the Mid Atlantic Ridge fractures as if the north hemisphere ceased rotation and the south hemisphere continued rotation, as indeed it did.  


There exists theories as to Enke’s comet

having been responsible for detritus falling onto Earth in ancient times.  Most of our theories of land mass partitioning of ancient history depict Antarctica being moved vigorously onto the empty south pole region.  This is included as part of the division of a land mass.

But note that the Arctic region has no movement of land mass toward the polar region.  There has been no theory as to why the south pole would acquire such a large land mass and not the north pole.  There is little land mass in the southern hemisphere where one can look for spiraled land forms which would be left hand spirals.  But in the bottom of Africa there is gold, now theorized to be of extraterrestrial origin as no scientists have proposed an energy great enough on the Earth to form gold, and diamonds, which also suffer from the same lack of energy on Earth.

While this suggests that process that create these materials do not exists on Earth, perhaps our birth from a evolving magnetar would qualify.  Or perhaps transmutation by a cme in a strong magnetic field.  

Greenland has been discovered to have an extremely thin continental base.  I propose the rest of its continental base was left on the sea floor in the Mid Atlantic.  I suggest this was accomplished through a form of natural magnetism that is evident on Earth known as cyclopean building forms.   

Since the Earth appears to have ejected the Moon material at an early age, I suggest we barely escaped becoming an aborted Cinderella planet.  I suggest the material left a ring of water and dust around our Earth.  I suggest the dust later fell as the magnetism holding it aloft decreased, as loess, famously deposited in China and elsewhere on Earth.  


I suggest the water ring merely lost altitude and became a water veil on the face of Earth.  I suggest the surface of the Earth was a hell of heat and radioactivity.  Life could only survive on the mountain tops.  Flying creatures were first due to the necessity to escape radiation and the ease of flying assisted with magnetic levitation.  Water levitates in 10 Tesla.  


Further loss of magnetism allowed the collapse of the water veil, while the Earth surface retained vestigial magnetism in manipulatable rock material.  This manipulation must be intimately connected with water.  


What is obvious in Earth history is that the time of 20,000 y ago is pinpointed as significant in upheavals.  Miles Mathis says our recurring Ice Age is 20,000 y late.  The underwater silt slump determined to be the source of the tsunami overwash of Doggerland was fixed at 18,000 y a.  Earlier periods were identified by Velikovsky, and other scientists and researchers.  The Early Copper end, the Middle Copper end, and Late Copper end.  It is clear that this ‘end’ period was marked by global migrations.  These can now be identified as periods—decreasing periods—of energy disseminated through the lithosphere as the monopole cycle ended and the dipole cycle began.  Some researchers have connected the orbit of Jupiter with this time frame.  This has been identified as 5,000 y.  

This underlines the difficulty in describing Earth history as there is no constant; the always diminishing energy loss from our magnetar Sol being the source but there is now almost  minimal energy to lose.  So perhaps now the focus is on sea floor heating extrusion events available to us through satellite monitoring.  


One might project that there will not be any immense gas expulsions that would fuel the heat necessary to put moisture in the air to fall as snow, ending our ice ages for good.  One might project there will no be any energetic magnetic spirals to grip the surface and alter the magnetic field.  


Science is even now discovering that the dangerous uncontrollable energy of the monopole cycle is gone, but that the energy of the dipole is even looser and weaker than thought.  Perhaps minerals will lose their crystal form and be unable to be of use in our society?  

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