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ANSWERS In a new study published today in the journal Astrobiology, researchers from Imperial College London and the Natural History Museum replicated a technique that one of the Curiosity Rover’s on-board instruments is using to analyse soil samples, in its quest to find organic compounds. They tested a combination of jarosite and organic compounds. […]


A water maser Shocks running into the cloud create 22 Ghz radio line H2O in a highly magnetized environment.   Ancient Egyptian creation myth posits a void of nothingness Nun.   The creative principle Atum parts the void.  Atum breaths out Maat.  Atum breaths in Maat and breaths out Tefnut and Shu.   I am […]


Well, it seems that what is happening is a reversal.   Those just getting here will have some questions, like “where is this charge coming from?” It is coming from the Sun. We receive sunlight from the Sun, of course, but we also receive stupendous amounts of charge. Some of what we feel […]


ABOUT RIGHT REVIEW ARTICLE CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 106, NO.4,  25 FEBRUARY 2014 page 535   Herndon states that the Earth formed from an enstatite chondrite meteorite, “As a consequence of the high state of reduction, certain elements that have a high affinity for oxygen, including calcium, magnesium and silicon, occur in part in […]