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A water maser


Shocks running into the cloud create 22 Ghz radio line H2O in a highly magnetized environment.


Ancient Egyptian creation myth posits a void of nothingness Nun.   The creative principle Atum parts the void.  Atum breaths out Maat.  Atum breaths in Maat and breaths out Tefnut and Shu.


I am particularly fond of this creation myth as it has beautiful symmetry.


A void of nothing.  No movement, no wave, no flow, stygian silence.

A creative principle, a prime mover, a first action – Atum.

A part in nothingness.

Before all, Maat.


Nothing can begin before the symmetry, the perfection, the exactness deified by Maat.


Atum must be a magnetic field and Maat must be a condition of this field.

When met, allows the presence of Tefnut, water.  Only when Tefnut is presented is Shu breathed.  Air follows water.  Water prepares way for air.  Geb and Nut follow as Earth and Sky.



Four water masers in the SMC

A prerequisite is a strong magnetic field remember.  And the fact that this secondary nova exploding shell is now overrunning the first low-power exploding shell creating shocks.



Water is short term–100 years–usually close–from the torus ring or axial jet tip



Spherical maser source of young stellar objects.




“The smooth shape of the spectrum, the location of the masers along the jet and the fact that NGC 1052 is an elliptical galaxy are all indications that the masers in NGC 1052 trace a different kind of interaction than the masers in NGC 4258,” said Diamond, who also works with the team of astronomers studying the masers in NGC 4258.






Salt sucks water out of the atmosphere.  A feature of ORMES is that it is salt-stablilzed.



Salt found to be able to destabilize chalk even if protected from sea.



Shocked salt found to emit coherent light.


Same NGC 1052







Science has rediscovered the fact that various metals when impacted off center produce not a sphere but an elongated state of high spin. The crystal structure no longer exists.

This state is the reason there is so little copper in the upper lithosphere.  What copper there is is due to the high  spin state collapse in a phase change.  These phase changes leave evidence of themselves as ORMES, orbitally rearranged monatomic elements, behind.




It is interesting to note that osmium is one of the metals produced when an ORME is manipulated.  As these ORMES have been experimented with for a quarter of a century their usefulness was foreseen in applications such as smoke-stack converters for NO.  Osmium is the desired metal to act as a catalyst for NO removal.  This was behind the enactment of the Clear Skies legislation for new coal plants.  Unforeseen difficulties have delayed the construction of clean burning coal plants.  Currently the use of a lesser effective NO catalyst scrubs the smoke stack of diesel cross-country haulers.




What kind of radio line do these monatomic elements emit?

Are the ORMES actually hydrogen masers?




Is it possible that water dimers–orbitally rearranged elements–are created by solar cosmic rays from the sun?  Is it possible they build up in the high atmosphere creating a ‘water veil’ that hides the moon?  Is it possible they gradually lose their unique configuration that allows levitation and fall to earth?



Forests produce wind


Venus’ history includes oceans of water now vapor in the atmosphere.


“—clearly demonstrates that the standing wave resonance is capable of suspending a multi-layer water vapor canopy.”




Water Dimers


From the article:

Water vapour is the third most common gas in the Earth’s atmosphere, and the principal absorber of both sunlight and the Earth’s blackbody radiation. Scientists have known for decades that water appears to absorb more radiation than theoretical models suggest that it should. In the 1960s the Russian astronomer Sergei Zhevakin suggested that this discrepancy could be explained if, among the free water molecules (monomers), hydrogen bonding caused a small proportion of water molecules to pair-up to create dimers. These dimers, suggested Zhevakin and others, would be much stronger absorbers than single water molecules.


Here is yet another monoatomic action but instead of single it is two.


This is a different type of orbitally rearranged element.  Instead of having a closed valence, this type of ORME makes itself into a single unit of two molecules.  Again, it is not what science looks for and this may be what science is proposing as dark energy, dark matter, dark etc.


From the article:

high-frequency (EHF) region of the radio spectrum – at about 100–200 GHz – and should differ significantly because dimers have much higher moments of inertia than monomers


One suspects this could be read:  high spin state



A ‘slight elongation’ could be deformation to oblong as per an ORME





Extrapolating the ORMES concept includes the water dimers.  More evidence we live in a phase-changed world.  Periodically phase-changed world.




The alignment of water molecules in the brain microtubules may be a key to consciousness.


Tie the above actions together.





The basis for the theory that too much zinc interferes with brain function.

Is the increasing incidence of Alzhimers and 3x increase in asthma, etc in 30 years due to our existence in a phase-changed world?



Rereading S Kean The Disappearing Spoon

Interesting info related to the periodic table where several times (page 212)  he references the strange mathematics of quantum mechanics.  Quantum mechanics is based on elements hiding electrons in f-shells.

Is quantum mechanics actually monoatomics in the physical world?


Were Fleishman and Pons actually working with monoatomics and produced a water maser?

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