Considering the future:

Atlantis and the Pyramids



and the Rats

Hawai’i is the Atlantis of the future, at least it is for the US.  I suspect many other land-locked nations are doing the same thing and makes sense at last of the insane Argentinian/British war over a tiny island.  New Zealand whose native fauna were eliminated now is collaborating in eliminating the non-native predators which we know as rats.  Island and rats equal Atlantis; that is the new equation for the future of homo sapients which fail miserably to earn the designation of ‘wise.’ 

Atlantis:  an island group of several islands which maintained itself by commerce, except we don’t know what they traded merely that the results of the trade were on display as gold. As we understand it commerce leads to expanded trade which leads to more continental areas under the influence of the major trading partner.  But Atlantean civilization seems to defy that arc of success. Amazingly, the wealthiest civilization on the planet was content to rule from a small island on which we suppose the elites were dilettantes who did not actually physically work, leading us to assume the actual work was done not by some undefinable technology we have yet to discover but by the slave class much like the later Minoans who spread to controlling the continental margins for grain farming as the non volcanic Crete was scarcely able to support  the crocus the women gathered for saffron.  Hence the farming communities on the Aegean Sea. 

Put aside for a moment this propaganda fable of civilization’s ability to defy the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and see the Atlantean civilization as the result of globalization of a high tech, rocket-to-the-moon civilization exactly like ourselves.  Which leads us to the Pyramids.  Which were antipodal on the Equator:  the Mayan group and the southern China group.  On a planet without a tilted axis the climate would have been temperate world-wide.  If the Pyramids were constructed antipodally it would have served to  disseminated a harmonic which kept the brain in calmed state.  This is what we have been told was Eden.  It surely was.  Elites and subjects, peacefully pursuing their agendas.  Population maintained in proportion to the environmental conditions.  Heaven on Earth. 

Well, it would seem like heaven if you were a poor person existing without a chance of of joining the elites in Heaven.  If your land had been decimated by uncontrolled population explosion which is Mother Nature’s response to global catastrophe.  If flooded land slowly draining away left many new diseases to cope with.  If your people had made it to the high land or mountains they would have been one of the lucky few. 

Let’s think back further and consider why Atlantis was content to be a group of elites on an island chain.  Exactly the opposite of what we understand is the goal of capitalism, world global commerce.  Well, let’s consider that is exactly what their past was.  You might see where we are now on this globe an exact replica of Atlantean history.  They had pursued high tech.  They had global communications, global travel, global trade networks. 

Most importantly they had a planet full of people.  And people at the very least have to eat. This means lots of meat protein to supplement the fish.  Amazing enough, the farther back archaeology takes us, we find more and more evidence of a populated Earth.  From our current perspective, this requires factory farms of enormous size and applications of lab-created chemicals that don’t exist in Nature.  Cities of sprawl line the coastlines then as now, and inner lands were cultivated leading to infertility over the centuries.  And in the midst of all this success was the rat. 

Rats were identified as carriers of the bubonic flea, yersinia pestis, responsible for the death of half the population of a very crowded Europe.  Which wasn’t crowded afterwards.  In fact, a brand new profession of rag picker developed to gather the unused clothing and printing on paper made from these ‘rags’ began.  The brightness of ideas began in an uncrowded but knowledgeable world.  The rats spread because of available food;  this available food was because of masses of population required it.  And provided the roads that allowed rats to access it.  This was the tipping point for the creation of Atlantis.  Saturated with an uncontrollable rodent population it became apparent that the necessity for establishing a ‘safe haven’ for the elites.  And instead of a continuous land mass which the rats would have no trouble traveling, the selection of an island on which the rodent population had been extinguished would be the choice. 

I have thought about this after reading more info on rats and wonder about several times in history.  More Cunning Than Man by Robert Hendrickson is a good book.  I often am amazed by what our ‘history’ selects to display to advantage.  Military wins usually make the chapters; rat diseases and the crippling effects don’t. 

Since science has traced the Polynesian settlements from the west, primarily Laos, etc., one may well picture the overrun rice fields the primary instigator of flinging ones self to the 4 winds in a tiny boat.  Perhaps the rats were kept as food, and as Easter Island shows, they then were responsible for eating the fruit before it ripened and destroying Easter’s ability to thrive as Easter was a poor choice to begin with since the people had to paddle far out to sea to fish.  Perhaps the only choice left after settlements. 

I have advanced the theory that the Celts should have been the people who nationalized Europe and am baffled why that did not happen.  It may be that since they refused writing on pain of death, that their plagues of around 1,300 bc did not leave any historical evidence like Egypt’s did in 1300 bc.  Cesar claims to have killed 500,000 Celts and this figure may be due to the rat’s decimation instead of Cesar’s.  A weakened Celti would have been slow to repulse and indeed they were. 

I would very much like to tie the prehistoric settlements that were purposefully built over water at the edge of a lake to rat epidemics.  Why did they build over water?  The agriculture land would not have been able to be protected from rats.  Without the grain they would have had to subsist wholly on water food, fish, etc., and dairy.  Their cattle were even herded onto the built up platform away from the land proper. Thinking more:  the cattle only needed grass, the rats needed protein. Since the cattle were corralled at night, it seems logical to consider a night raid on protein.  Why over water?  Well, consider the eels were the major source of protein until cattle/goat/swine herding and they eat almost everything.  Their ability to live in air and on the land traveling from water to water is nothing short of astounding.  They too, are after protein.  Since they are night lovers, even timing their migration to the new moon, they would be the perfect night guard for the human of the day-hours.  The rat attacks at night using the water access would have been met with a competent and hungry guard of eels.  This of course requires a reconstruction of pre history. Considering eels both as food and useful guards against rats.   How did eels get smarter than dogs, anyway?    

While I have wandered into the dark of the Moon, let’s consider why the Moon and the Sun were the original icons of worship.  The sun was originally female, the cause of growth and health.  The Moon was also honored as male and dreaded when it disappeared.  Which to me indicates the night time came with a fierce price, the rats.  Best to have the night guard but what will we do if the genetically engineered virus eliminates our indispensable night guard?  

Let’s also do spirals, as the author of the book above on rats notes:  natives have claimed rats, etc have dropped from the sky in SPIRALS running clockwise, right to left.  Eels are also claimed to have dropped from the sky.  I wonder what all those rock etched spirals are supposed to mean?  Here:  spiral antennas
and here for crystallographers:  posting from gemologist page referencing crystal axes
How to create polarized light, here: by stirring
The next time you read a science finding about a ‘large hole’ of nothing in a galaxy far, far away:  consider: an optical vortex        ….a layer of silver on gold nanoparticles changes the frequency light is sensitive to….Hmmmm….where have I heard that?  seems like it was in reference to orichlac or  electrum, that layered stuff the Atlanteans were so fond of……here

The Atlanteans were the original “rats deserting a sinking ship.”  The elites kept the serfs busy with work and public relations campaigns while they prepared to accommodate themselves with a rat-free future on a temperate island (Hawaii comes to mind) without the accouterments the populations on the crowed land masses found themselves saddled with:  toxic water, poisoned land, radioactive contamination from defunct nuclear plants, depleted soil fertility, factory farms that offered the rodent exactly what it needed to become a super rat:  well fed, resistant to any known poison, and psychologically smarter due to an enriched environment that came at the cost of a depraved environment to the people who lived with them. 

Something changed the axis; some catastrophic event initiated by a solar event perhaps, and Eden was over. 

Next is conjecture:  did the elites have space flight like the US, one site capable of launching a ship? 
Did they have any more than that?  Perhaps not.  Maybe our levels of achievement are approximately the same.  As lovely as our space pictures are, we do not have the means to go and our older, smarter selves did not either.  Earth was and is home. 

After the axis tilt did they construct the Giza pyramid?  Or was is done before the tilt?  Was it part of the global harmonic system or did they use it to produce hydrogen fuel and compress it with some unknown science?  If there is hydrogen sulfide gas evidence in the Giza pyramid was it for a form of fuel akin to the ubiquitous perchlorate on the surface of Mars?  Or was it just a gas, slowly seeping out of the vents in the pyramid?  Poisoning the planets air? Killing all life?  Which is exactly what we are doing today to rats except that exterminators realize that the population will never be reduces as the rats would merely repopulate overnight. 

But then, maybe the past is evidence of a more complex natural activity than we can imagine.  Perhaps the planetary catastrophe that altered the axis produced the hydrogen gas that poisoned life.  Perhaps the mountain top retreats in Peru were not the result of an elite preparing a safe hold-out but a last minute gasp at life the Earth as a response to a global catastrophe that was eliminating all life.