Earth Gases Could Shorten Lives

Why global suicide?


Ever since 1989 when I graduated college I have become ever so slowly aware that our claims to ‘restore the planet’, clean up the environment, limit disease, decrease poverty, have not only had very limited effects but mostly it seems propaganda. The young and gullible get enthused in college. We write our congressman, sign lists to be sent to the White House, purchase action stickers and shop at the local co-op. Only lately have I realized that this seems to be the case of the Emperor’s new clothes. I followed the wildly popular proposition (number now lost ) that limited the percentage of new school taxes that could be used for other than pupil expenditures. A fine example of public outrage changing the system. I do not know what happened to the Idaho or California measures but I do know what happened to the one in Minnesota. Snuggled inside an article in the paper was the disclosure that the measure implementation was postponed by the legislature. I shouldn’t have been shocked and disappointed but I was. My outlook soured. I have noticed since then that the typical government response to public outcry is to placate. The groundswell of irritation gets imbued with righteousness which is legislatively pandered to; that sounds great but it actually isn’t. It’s like when you put down a dish of milk for the cat and the dog laps it up before the cat gets a sip. The legislation is never in the form that actually accomplishes what it was supposed to. It is a doggie treat the cat never gets near. Why am I surprised by this? My late blooming. They call it a learning disability now; or ADHD. It just means that we seem unable to understand that the truth is amenable. My husband would look at me worryingly (he should have been worried about himself) and say lovingly that I would never make it in the real world. Never dreaming I would have to. I presume I shall die without a feeling of outraged dignity. Some gross unfairness will have captured my attention and this will be prefaced with “I just can’t believe…” as it wraps itself around my neurons, all of them sparking with effrontery. This explains why I don’t watch the news. Lately I have become convinced that I F Stone was onto something when he said all governments lie and all governments are liars. I have been disgusted that not only has our government failed to protect our health by the ‘more studies needed’ panacea, but more and more untested and even clearly dangerous new technology comes our way. Carbon nanos are the current tech darling but 2 researchers have died as they are toxic. This should be a red flag but instead is merely an inconvenience. It is not that it is unacceptable but that is the opposite. It is acceptable. I have widened my view and see that so much of our current media hype is just that: hype. Leprosy you might think went the way of the isolated colony in Hawaii or Carville in Louisiana but No, leprosy is alive and well. So resistant that it takes a mix of 3 antibiotics on a long term basis to subdue the bacteria to an undetectable level. If the condition is a problem, it gets renamed. Here is where the propaganda comes in; we get the sanitized version in what is euphemistically known as the ‘news.’ Most news is filler that squeezes the real news from the pages. To discover news takes diligence. And discernment. And resource to the Wiki page and a review of the Talk page. I was astounded to discover that the agencies entrusted with child care so energetically took children away from parents with state support that the age of which the state stopped paying for their care had to be raised from 18 to 21. With extended family connections severed these new adults were adrift in a sea of responsibilities. Is our water supply safe? Have you seen the aisle in your grocery that used to stock something else but now is dedicated to water? Checked your local state office for air quality for instructions for determining if your house air is radioactive? Is your local landfill leaking methane? The coal burner spewing away? The nuke plant suddenly shut down? It’s almost as if our government was trying to kill us?!I think maybe it is. Our economy, our democratic capitalist economy, only works because our propaganda machine tells us it does. Science tells us that soon—soon—-we will have the ability to live long healthy lives, perhaps of up to a hundred. My great aunt Ann lived to be 99. These hardy souls that existed on next to nothing are they ones making it to 100. Our generation is awash in cancer. A&P. Strangely enough I do not find the government complicit in allowing pharma to dose us to death. I think the trend was already clear and the added body burdens do little more than muddy the water. What is killing us? I think our life on the surface of planet Earth is fraught with danger. Those Chernobyl wolves have been held up as an example of life with radiation. Consider they are not hunted, have a varied and plentiful food supply that also is not stressed, it is understandable that they can live their 20 years in a radioactive Eden. We, on the other hand, cannot. We live with surface cosmic rays. radon alpha products and are stressed in every conceivable way. There is now drug-resistant TB. MRSA is openly flaunting its resistance. And these are the problems we can see. What about the earth gases like radon,. methane, carbon dioxide. etc. Look historically at events like the Peloponnese war. One third of Athens dies and the war goes on? Were they all mentally affected with the gases from the Delphi oracle? Low dose, long term exposure carbon dioxide could damage your liver. So could methane. Did you know there is no sign of liver failure until you are functioning on 10%? If there were blanket seepages of methane or carbon di we would not know it unless we were inside and succumb. What if our low dose, long term exposure was outside and not inside? Our 2012 is such an event, a fold in time, where the planet experiences offgassing of earth gases in concentrated amounts. As this offgassing has occurred since recorded civilization of 15,000 y ago, in greater amounts, the evidence is there for science to see. Velikovsky gathered facts to support his theory. Armies were laid low before a weaker force. Biblical events can be interpreted as gas emissions. This fold in time is the great destroyer of life on Earth. Velikovsky knew this, others must as well. We must be a product of our environment and designed to survive. We probably do live to 100 in a low stress environment. Hunter-gathers, once seen as arthritic 30 year olds,. now are recognized as healthy, living low stress lives. Darwin’s evolutionary theory must fall in the face of epigenetic tagging, turning off of genes, those 90% thought junk. Our current age has been falling. Why?Our economic system needs to recycle our land. It has tried to move into a virtual profit-making system but the land underlies all economies. If property ownership was allowed to persist and children inherited land this would stop the economic system cold. Land, the base value of our economy, would be removed for 20, 40, 60 and even 80 years. Since our generation replacement is 20, what land is available for the new generation? None. So wars. Even worse,. the idea that since we are being exposed –particularly now—to earth gases in concentrated form, our new toxic load would do little damage not already done. We are living shorter lives. Possibly due to low-dose, long term gas exposure. The economy has little to lose in allowing our lives to be shortened by 20 or 30 years. Sardinia had an ancient answer along these lines. The Sardonic grin.

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