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Oxygen is under going compression:

I just couldn’t resist:  If I had known how simple to state our periodic compression that creates catastrophe in one paragraph I would have, but see below, NASA has done it for me!

This Week @ NASA, February 3, 2012


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This Week @NASA…

“Today you will hear and learn about the anatomy of our galactic neighborhood.”

New findings by NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX spacecraft, are helping scientists fill holes in our knowledge about the matter found between the stars in our Milky Way galaxy. IBEX, whose primary focus has been the interaction between our solar system and what lies beyond, has directly sampled multiple heavy elements within this interstellar medium, the same materials of which stars, planets – even people, are made.

Seth Redfield, Asst. Professor, Astronomy Dept. Wesleyan Univ.: “The heliosphere changes with time as it passes into a dense interstellar cloud it will be compressed and very small. And as it moves into another cloud, it will expand out again.”

Launched in October 2008, IBEX primarily collects data on the interactions between the heliosheath and interstellar space. The heliosheath provides our solar system with a bubble of protection from deadly cosmic radiation emanating from interstellar space. 

Bless ’em.  About straight an answer as you can get.  Nothing about the effects, tho. 

solar flare experiment

for the scientifically orientated  here
utube of h Svensmark research cosmic rays create E’s weather 


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I have some comments and questions:
Spiral light changes polarization so if historical reports of “rains of rats and eels” can be considered a fragment of truth, is it possible that dna can be altered during a polarization event taking place in the ionosphere? 
Going even further, the spiral light early this year attributed to a HAARP like facility in Scandinavia could possibly be an experiment with polarized light. 

Getting far afield here:  if the ‘black hole’ at the center of the universe is a magnetic trap of unlimited power, then it can actually change the photon to an undetectable neutrino which is then stored in the Milky Way itself under conditions similar to a capacitor battery.  When the capacitor is overloaded, from all historical indications here on Earth every 5,000 y, the energy enlivening gas clouds and planetary and solar cores vanishes in a non locality event. 
Where does it go?  Since the AGN is not receiving sufficient energy to produce a galactic cluster, it must appear as a smaller energy like a single sun or system within the spiral equatorial region of the Milky Way.  And if polarization is involved and it has to be since the photon is the original particle acted upon, then the non locality event produces the exact but reversed polarization. 

The above is not so strange as you think.  Imagine a CME creating a huge updraft; catching life as we have seen from the movies where people are swept up into a cyclone or hurricane only to be deposited down safely miles away.  Rats from the land, light and durable, exposed to dna mutation and dropped back in a polarized spiral safe but altered.  Eels from the sea, mutated and redeposited upon land or water.  The survivors of the catastrophic effects from a CME reborn in new DNA.  Perhaps the size limit is approximately that of rats and eels.  Perhaps their fantastic ability to survive enabled their success. 

We do not need aliens or time warps or third dimensions or parallel universes.  Everything that has happened in the history of Earth involved what is here now.  Electromagnetism, our sun, gas clouds.  Science has discovered that graphite dust (now identified in space) combines with carbon monoxide and hydrogen to create carbon nano tubes. Carbon nanos turn water liquid in zero temperature of space.   Graphene here on Earth under strain creates phenomenal magnetic fields.  We may dismiss dark energy/matter as the magnetic field of unimaginable power exists in space.  We do not need gravity to create neutron cores as the magnetic fields exist to do the work.  Since the imaginary black holes are not produced by gravity but by magnetism then the AGN at the center of the Milky Way traps photons that ultimately appear as a new solar body in the galaxy’s spiral edge. 

Knol is going into hibernation like us; April 2012. 

The Cayman Trench has been my tempo for these Knols; and with the admission that the Bush administration confiscated Hawai’i territorial sea floor due to the emissions like deuterium, we needed to peer further to discover the pooled hydrogen split from deuterium in the Caribbean sea floor.  There is a new facility for LNG built in Puerto Rico.  One does not have to imagine much to see that this facility is also able to compress hydrogen siphoned from the sea bed. 

The National Observatory of Japan using the Hinode satellite, has pictured the sun as having two N & S poles positive and the magnetic ‘poles’ located on the equator of the sun arriving now.  This is claimed because an analysis of past sunspot records matches the Maunder Minimum, the span of a global cold snap. 

Since I have followed many others whose diligence was rewarded with geologic evidence, S W Carey, and others, the claim of past civilizations of high intelligence is more and more in evidence.  Tracing the ancient Minoans back like G Mendez does to discover the haplogroup X in the Lake Superior/Lake Michigan area mining copper from 3,000 y ago, leads, like the early Neolithic village on Cyprus, to the newest evidence that science claims will rewrite the history of human settlement of the world:  that the African human presence was an immigrant one form the Levant.  Grain cutting sickle  million and half human bones in Spain  more info relating to multi origins

Where would that human presence have originated?  Could it be from the new world?  Could it be that American was the source of wine from cultivated grapes?  Could it be that our high tech idea of using gases like hydrogen is another old-hat idea? 

Consider:  our Earth, and the entire solar system(s) embedded in Fluff, are being heated and gases expand when heated.  We can see this action on Earth as I type.  Science has not advised us of what is causing this gas heating and that we are in a zone where the gas, while being heated, is also being compressed.  We are blitzed with ‘amazing discoveries’ while in the small print the discoveries are redefined as ‘leading to’. 
This absence of planetary mass from the Cayman can have only one explanation:  that the hydrogen gas pool was sufficiently large enough to create an explosion that removed solid mass almost a 1,000 miles long and 300 wide.  It would indicate that volcanic activity was present.  It would have left the advanced people fractured and fragmented which is what we see. 

I also propose that this compressed energy is what drew down the Birkeland current strikes that did not replenish the Earth’s electricity; they did the opposite.  The Birkeland currents drew energy from our Earth capacitor.  They are the reason the seas were sterilized.  They are the reason the minerals were dropped from the salt water oceans.  They are the missing element in W Thornhills electrical universe.  If this electrical energy is the base of the circuit, where then does it come from?  Life. 

Science paper on photons/neutrino:  Neutrino Theory of Light

Neutrino action explained by Miles Mathis
Note especially how Miles references the use of nuetrino spin energy by polarization. 

How G Gamow’s dense nuclear matter appears in space white dwarf
Excerpt:  Cool and Thin Equals Hot and Dense
At these ultracold temperatures and at certain densities, the microplasmas condense to form an ionic crystal in which the individual ions lock into place relative to each other yet retain their individual identities. “Unlike a noncharged or neutral plasma,” says Schneider, “these highly charged plasmas can exist at thermal equilibrium.”
What’s more, these microplasmas are thermodynamically equivalent to certain exotic high-density plasmas found in white dwarf stars. That is, these two plasmas, at opposite ends of the temperature and density spectrums, have the same thermodynamic properties-for example, specific heat and phase transitions. The reason for this strange parallelism lies in the definition of a single, dimensionless parameter called the Coulomb coupling parameter. This parameter is determined by the density and temperature of the plasma as well as the amount of attraction or repulsion felt by neighboring ions because of their charge (the Coulomb force). Schneider says, “In the EBIT-RETRAP system, we create a strongly coupled, highly charged plasma that crystallizes and has the same Coulomb coupling parameters as those found in the plasmas of white dwarf stars. As long as the parameter is the same, the thermodynamic properties of the plasmas are analogous, even though, in the trap, the ion densities are 20 orders of magnitude and the temperatures 9 orders of magnitude lower than those found in white dwarf stars.”
The extreme conditions in white dwarf stars lead to highly ionized plasmas that are essentially bare nuclei of mostly carbon and oxygen, stripped of all their electrons. The electrons form a uniform background of negative charge, confining the star plasma much as the microplasma is confined by electric and magnetic fields in the RETRAP.

Chandra shows Cass A shell of ordered elements
This ties in closely with the post about the structure of a white dwarf above.  It would appear the neutron star was born of iron and was delivered intact.  Note especially the reference to hot/cold.


The ‘ring of bright water’ at the AGN are photons. They are changed to neutrinos and drawn into the magnetic trap where they exist in the magnetic trap as well as in energy filling the Milky Way. Here: neutrino trap here on E  A non-locality instantaneously transfers this energy to the outer edge of the Milky Way spiral upon capacitor saturation. 

What happens in a compressed heliosphere?  What if it ended at Earth not Pluto? Here:safe for now

Recent Venus flare termed hot flow even; here science says (top 2nd page) that large scale compression events remain unexplained:  not dust, something else

More news from the deep geology of Earth:  iron conducting to core and magnetite’s secret

The sun is exercising more magnetic influence, the Earth is waning, isn’t that a little strange?  In the light of the fact that the rest of the orbital bodies seem to be gaining also as in the increase in Jupiter and Saturn’s brightening.  Which would indicate more energy incoming. 

Recent Planetary Changes

–Significant physical, chemical, and optical changes observed on Venus; an inversion of dark and light spots detected for the first time and a sharp decrease of sulfur-containing gases in its atmosphere.

–The first stages of atmosphere generation on the Moon, where a growing sodium-based atmosphere that reaches 5,500 miles in height has been detected.

–Changes in the atmosphere of Mars, including a cloudy growth in the equatorial region and unusual growth in ozone concentration.

–Significant melting of the Martian polar ice caps.

–A doubling of the magnetic field intensity on Jupiter after the series of impacts from the fragments of the Shoemaker-Levy comet in 1994; also, the appearance of large auroral anomalies, excessive plasma generation, and radiation belt brightening.

–The creation of an ionic flux tube between Jupiter and the volcanic regions of its moon, Io. This stream of plasma is millions of miles in length and is 1 million amperes in strength. It is affecting Jupiter’s magnetic field and intensifying its plasma genesis.

–Reporting of auroras and a visible increase in brightness on Saturn.

–Abrupt large-scale growth of magnetosphere intensity and an increase in brightness on Uranus.

–A change in light intensity and light-spot dynamics on Neptune.

–A growth of dark spots on Pluto.

The sun’s magnetic field has not complied with assumed theory.  It now rests at the Equatorial region displaying 4 poles. 

As E’s weather demonstrates, the amount of rain is generally the same but delayed in arrival and deluging once arriving.  May we expect the same from the sun’s behavior?  NASA says fewer sunspots but much more energetic when occurring. 

If we consider the magnetic field is building up intra space of the sun’s heliosphere, then it would be prudent to assume that the sun is hoarding charge and like the Earth, storing it in the upper atmosphere.  I have noted previously that the cigar-shaped slit in the ionosphere above the region of the Cayman Trench eastward.  This is the site of the exit  of charge stored in E’s core. See the Tibetan plateau so beautifully illustrated 04/2010 page 70 National Geographic issue WATER?  Is the plateau not similar to the South Atlantic Anomaly?   The entire earth topography altered as this area of the  lithosphere was pulled upward. 

Currently the ionization is affecting the upper atmosphere by adding hydrogen.  Consider this a potential water molecule.  As the H2O in the upper atmosphere increases, our view of the heavens will dim and quite possibly be the source of a global drenching.  Read Henrik Svensmark  A new theory of climate change:  The Chilling Stars.  Our last 10 million years have seen 22 ice ages.  One wonders why the Earth has not achieved global ice it has so determinedly striven for.  The Med only began filling 5 million years ago; how long was the global drought?  What few species survived?  The birds for one.  Crocs, cockroaches, coelecanth and horseshoe crabs all date back 200 million.  They made it forward.  So we may be certain the Earth did not dry completely. 

Science says that in order for the glaciers to cover the land the H2O must have first been heated sufficiently for it to fall on the land and become ice.  That has been the acknowledged compliance with existing physics but Lo and Behold!  read the redicecreations.com and become aware of what science is now exploring as we gain the ability to manipulate gases and solids at Zero Kelvin.  A good entry read is the Forgotten in Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies.  In this article the work of John Keely, Formula of Aqueous Disintegration is quoted: “vibratory antagonistic thirds was thousands of times more forceful in separating hydrogen from oxygen in water than heat.”  The reference to 3,6,9 is emphasized. 

As I note in my previous Knols, the pyramids present a problem.  Why so much work?  My best guess at that time was that the pyramids functioned to purify/ionizemineralize water in world that barely survived a catastrophic end.  With the seas lifeless, people migrated away from the ocean side inland to begin the arduous work of cattle/grain raising.  No one would do this willingly when fish were free for the taking.  So why?  Because the oceans were barren. 

If there was a world catastrophe that ‘poisoned’ the waters of the sea, such would lead to other measures like staking out the best springs and rivers flowing from mountain sources.  Jericho comes immediately to mind.  These were not fumbling efforts to begin civilization, they were the initial well-planned recovery efforts.  We should bear this in mind while we elevate our own temporary top-of-the-heap technology.  Hubris never really stays suppressed.  

No, we didn’t engage in a nuclear war, although nuclear crisis presented themselves.  No, we didn’t get hit by a meteor ending life, although we may have been hit my meteors.  No, we didn’t have a life ending solar flare although we may have been flared by Sol.  You can dismiss all movie ends of Earth. 

What did happen and may happen again:  we are discovering via Voyagers I & II that the magnetic cloud we are joined at the hip with is highly energized.  We may expect this estimate of Gauss to climb.  We may be shortly engulfed with an electromagnetic field beyond anything we have imagined.  And the evidence is all around us here on Earth.  Sort of like what happened at the end of the Precambrian and 50 my later at the Cambrian.  All animal phyla made their first appearance.  Williamson makes the staggering statement that these chimera life forms were the result of hybridization across species lines.  He even postulates that .”….there is no other explanation for where embryos come from, so why not larval transfer or some similar horizontal genetic transfer.”  The Mystery of Metamorphosis by Frank Ryan. 

Well, with a magnetic field of unimaginable strength wrapping the Earth, the hemisphere can be held from rotation creating a torsion; for a very brief period of time.  S W Carey saw this.  The sea chemistry was different, supporting horizontal genetic transfer.  O Manuel’s 2011 paper:  Here  He says the gas bubbles both above and below are the nova remnants that created our solar system spiral on our collapsed sun.  He offers neutrino repulsion and hydrogen attraction as the two forces in the universe. 

Imagine your dog emerging from a water retrieve and the shake he gives his body.  This is exactly what happens to planet Earth under the grip of an unimaginable electromagnetic embrace.  Science knows that particulates come out of solution under the proper conditions.  It is easily explained in geologic terms as different kinds of minerals are produced under conditions of specific pressure and heat from magma as it cools and depressurizes. 

This is what H2O does.  Science now knows there are pure (extremely pure) deposits of minerals in the floor of the seas and continents.  This recent discovery is due to SunDo and other satellites seeing into the Earth.  Why so many deposits of pure salt?  We would have had to have stupendous heating events over and over.  It is not possible.  What is possible is that with the correct frequency and energy, precipitates come out of solution.  This would explain all the anomalous deposits all over the globe.  The sea water was electromagnetically charged sufficiently to drop its contaminants as pure deposits.  The resulting ‘pure’ water was so pure no life could survive.  Hence the species depending upon sea life for food were left without food sources from the sea. 

This further focus on life renewing itself via the 6 vibratory frequencies of Ut, Ra, Mi, Fa, Sol, La has to do with the cellular chemistry in which it sheds its toxins and becomes ‘pure.’  ut –396 Hz — is related to 105 power Gauss.  Without a toxic load, one may imagine long healthy life.  Intelligent thinking.  Less hubris. 

As the oceans undergo a electromagnetic embrace, the antagonistic 3rds will separate the hydrogen from the oxygen.  Hydrogen will escape.  Oxygen will be retained only up on mountains or beside falling water.  Slowly the incoming hydrogen from the sun will recombine and the ionosphere will become a true greenhouse.  To the point of obscuring the Moon.  When it become too saturated to maintain its above Earth position, the water vapor will fall.  Flood. 

The Russian Academy of Science is way ahead of the rest of the scientific world on this.  Dr Dmitriev documents much of the changes already occurring and says much more that the 14,500 year old polar wander to the equatorial region will occur. 

The current buzz of a massive solar flare is not probable as NASA assures us.  What is going to happen when the heliosphere now compressed to Earth or Venus decompresses through a non locality is return to normal.   Instantly.  The sun’s core, along with the planets’ cores, is heated by neutrinos that vanish in the non locality so the energy seeks release.  The Earth produces magma streams from the core, hot spots.  The sun will be very energetic.  Ocean tsunamis.  But there is something more dangerous long term.  While Earth and Mars and Mercury and possibly Venus compress, Jupiter outward expands.  The gas planets expand.  And they are also bombarded with the neutrino stream same as the inner planets, but because they are freed from the heliosphere they expand.  When the heliosphere returns to what we know as normal, the sun will discover massive turbulence from the heated, roiling, expanded gases.  NASA has documented that the sun ‘reflects’ energy back from planetary activity.  Remember that shot that slammed the Moon?  NASA was already judging how much energy would reflect back.   This state of hot in the gas planets will keep the sun in a high state of activity for as long as the energy roils the gas planets.  If the theory of solar rays creating our weather is correct, then we face long term aridity or its opposite continual rain. 

One other small point.  If we have mistaken how much gas pressure or volume or any of the other factors that come into play in space and not the lab on Earth, then it may be possible that a collapse of one of the gas planets could occur and we may have the ‘blue star’ of Hopi legend.  Since we have only begun to see carbon nanos’ ability to create magnetic fields and direct electricity in space, we cannot rule this unlikely event out. 

From the Earth evidence, such as S W Carey’s evidence in Earth, Universe, Cosmos it is evident a ‘torsion event’ is in our future.  It seems to me that the Northern hemisphere has been delayed in its companionable journey with the Southern hemisphere for a time short of Earth’s total destruction.  Science tells us we are ‘passing through’ an exploded nova but how the 10 million year passage related to the 5 million year old us defeats my understanding.  One hopes the scientific ‘bookie’ touting this bet is offering better than 50-50 odds that the results don’t fall out with the 20,000 y ago crisis that left E without surface water. 

Yes, the greatest danger is the cosmic rays that will subject all life to mutation.  We are, of course, one of the most successful ones but due solely to the fact that we had no competition for our slot and we were the beneficiaries of the lush life prepared by the catastrophe.  Consider another fact:  if the Milky Way is indeed being saturated with neutrinos that seems to reach overfill here at Sol’s domain, then be aware that we are the edge where live begins as nothing we understand could survive the neutron bombardment up stream that depends on a pressurized core planet.  We do.  We are shadows to neutrinos but we have to live on a planet that has a core they do effect.  This is why Kepler looks across the band of stars not up or down. 

Pyramids again:  what if they were a ‘relief valve’ for the energy stored in the planet’s interior now that we see that neutrinos have mass?  And why the continental land mass is always ripped apart once it collects?  Pangea hardly had time to be Pangea before it was riven 200 mya.  Do the Pyramids spare us a plasma blast?  Worse yet, the missing generator for the Electric Universe may well be us, the spiral galaxies.  Our destruction provides the energy to keep the globular clusters immortal.  Science does not entertain such ideas. 

Reading Rolf’s sites:  here
Up to date info re Electric Universe. Nice depiction of plasma rings at about 30 degrees N & S of Equator.  The concept of tapping the plasma for energy may be misguided. 
Consider:  S W Carey saw in the geology of the Earth two previous torsion events that were catastrophic.  In our past we have a 90% reduction of all sea/surface life and a 65% reduction of same.  Science tells us that just a few thousand survived the ‘bottleneck’ at 10,000ya.  Because of mDNA similarity.  Well, same holds if the entire Earth was populated with people who intermingled.  I see no reason to propose we have no global history of land population; in fact, if you could live on it it was full of people. 

Science now confirms the 12,900 extinction event over N & S America.  Diamonds in Canada are linked to the Carolina impacts.  This blow to global civilization took thousands of years to recover from and when they did it proved immensely hard to keep the knowledge of metal working and sites around the world show this loss and sinking into stone and hunter/gatherer lifestyles.  It seems obvious underground living was involved while the super hot Earth with polar caps gained from steam conversion (possibly) slowly returned to support life on the surface.  Especially with a sterile sea. The crop/cow system would have been necessary but water was the key element.  And the development of an immune system to defend against the new parasites and bacterias breeding in the changed environment.  Jericho was not only a water site but a site of a fast flow that allowed long-term living as the soils would be washed of salt build up.  These sites must have been pure gold to a restarted civilization. 

Evidence from our local history, 10,000 ya, tells us that there were scientifically astute and technologically capable people using higher math to do everything we now do and probably better.  China:  the great Yu ordered older heaven and Fu Sui ordered newer heaven.  Is this not a statement that the heavens changed during our written history? 
Agriculture;  we should no longer be baffled as to why people deserted the sea side for the herculean labors of grain and cattle raising.  They did so because they had no choice.  Not only did a global flood leave massive new bogs and swamps in the previously occupied low sea side areas, but the sea itself was sterilized.  See Under A Green Sky- The Canfield Ocean, and Earth by R Fortey.  The seas were not the same as now.  They were a different form of calcium.  Science is currently conducting global seminars to field info as to why the oceans suddenly dropped their sediment (minerals, salt) load.  These massive deposits are global and miles deep such as under Germany and under the North sea eastward into Europe and in the Ganges Delta of India.  You may see this as evidence of a unbelievable amount of current flowing down into the oceans.  Your experiments in the high school chemistry lab show how charge precipitates sediments from water.  The Northern Hemisphere shows signs of being held back in its rotation; how could that happen? 

The answer is an overload of the DLs circling the globe.  This current flowed down to Earth.  It is responsible for the torsion events S W Carey saw so clearly yet had no science to explain how.  K Thorne says ‘new’ ways of explaining energy events meeting each other is with ‘torsion’ and ‘twists.’  This is not new. 

10,000 years ago there was another ‘event’ of lesser magnitude that melted our almost iced world.  People and animals survived even though there was a lot less land to be shared and almost no fish protein.  People were forced to grasp anything green with water.  Planned communities began but almost immediately became bogged down in overpopulation that led to wars.  There is plentiful evidence that high intelligence survived in the initial town/valley civilizations:  Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, Kohita Hira on Cypress, the Stupe Valley outside of Lima Peru and the famous Olmecs who were dispossessed of their beautiful island but could not bear to leave the area until millenea later when they became the Maya, then dispersed again.  These show evidence of thousands of years of success but then disappeared. 

At 3,500 ya the Earth had settled sufficiently for humanity to write a revised history; one of glories accomplished and great men.  The fear of the skies abated.  We assumed an egocentric mantle of progress by  refusing to acknowledge the plentiful evidence of previous knowledge of how our universe works.  We congratulate ourselves by ‘rediscovering’ what has long been in plain sight.  We believe–falsely–that we can tap into the plasma streams overhead.  What hubris!  France dammed their tidal river for energy and found that the Earth’s rotation was affected!!  A dam at St Malo holding back the tidal bore affected the Earth’s rotation!  And tapping into a plasma stream won’t???

This is why Kon-Tiki man weeps.  

Halton Arp’s white holes are making water.  Here is my comment in Naked Scientists forum as to Birkeland current strike 10,000 y a.  As for K Thorne Here from 2008  and from 2011 water masers in universe  Here is universe making water  Makes us star material.  Love you Sweetheart. 

S W Carey, my scientific hero, is vindicated.  When he was asked to explain the torsion events, 50 my apart, he replied he could not and should not rightly be expected to do so, as the science to explain them had not yet been invented.  Here: Carey’s science found
If you need the 50 my extinction events explained search no further.  I posted in comments on line news sites this:  D Bohm called it Implicate Order.  The ancient Egyptians called it Ma at.  I call it late to the party.