Here’s what I think happened



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Here’s what I think happened.

As S W Carey proposed, there was a significant planet where the asteroid belt is now. He called it Aztec.

The question is what produced the high energy gas cloud we are now in per NASA.





have all contributed to discovering the true history of Earth.

The site has researchers delving into the area between the Black Sea and the Caspian as a site of astonoishing pre-history. The Hookers have investigated Shu Nun in Ukraine. Another puzzle is over the enigmatic Etruscans, the Raszi.

All indicate an advanced civilization erased during the ‘dark ages’ of the Mediterranean. What then are we to make of the collapse of the early Bronze Age? Is the dating incorrect? Is the origin of Sumerian script 20,000 y old as the Shu Nun cave forms suggest?

I suggest that Aztec was the outermost and largest of the rocky planets of Earth. I suggest that its core was heated and the planet expanded past recovery and blew apart. Velikovsky proposes this. Aztec was the 5th rock from the sun; it is now the asteroid belt.

G Gilligan theorizes that this resultant iron dust cloud enveloped the inner system around 3,000 bc and the ancient Egyptians saw the sun as a dim red glow. He believes they saw the KA life in action in the sky and that the Pharaonic battles depicted on their monuments were not actual battles on Earth but sky gods and their followers.

This can be supported by the ancient Greeks in their descriptions of the former Gods the Titans before the Olympians.

Milton-DeGrazie theorizes the planets were born of a flux tube from Jupiter to Sol. If the electrical theory of seeking equilibrium is correct, then Jupiter and Sol were anode and cathode.

Aztec must have experienced too much energy intake to survive and blew apart. I do not know how this occurred. Walt Thornhill suggests matter increased and thus the planet would be forced to move outward. Was it Sol’s neutrinos? An intruder planet? Or as I suggest, a recurring orbiting magnetar?

The entire asteroid belt are remains of Aztec. The vaporized rock created an iron dust cloud enshrouding the inner rocky planets within the history of civilized men who recorded this event.

Mars lost her water, air and magnetism. Venus became a resurfaced planet if not entirely new. Earth acquired a 60 m outer shell of granite per W Brown beginning at the MOHO.

The Moon may have been a moon of Aztec or more remains. The fragmented planet of Aztec, mostly core iron, orbited to its current place as the first of Sol’s rocky planets. It is Mercury. Could this be because as a primarily iron body it was strongly attached to the orbital path of the magnetar? And followed it before the attraction of the sun stole it?

Quite possibly the minute difference between the Moon and the Earth could be due to its similar source.

I suggest that the Cayman Trench is the most recent result of gas pressure release. Had this not occurred, the Earth would have followed Aztec into fragmentation. There is no plate tectonics as explained by Bryan Nickel per W Brown.

Bryan Nickel has a you tube explaining the concepts of creation science but the actual only ‘creation’ is the inexplicable “shelling” of Earth by 60 miles of granite. He states that hundreds of years of tidal stretching followed, producing the flood of Noah created by the fountains of the deep springing forth. His site specifically dates this, 5,760.

He does not allow for the Earth to have been ice prior to the granite shell. In any event, people must have been able to relocate themselves. It is almost as if they walked on water. Water turned to granite?

Since we have evidence of old and new catastrophes in our solar system, I suggest the magnetar as the most likely candidate.

NASA proposes a flash of energy from the universe away targeting Earth. There are local planetary alignments also that may produce resonance in the crystal iron cores of the rocky planets. V Zharkova has proposed a second magnetic field overlain on the first inside Sol.

I do not attribute gravity, gravity waves or gravitational lensing as causes. Solitons are magnetic waves and possible components.

I believe the KA and the spirit world exist and was/is a possible result from the additive granite shell over the existing complete world. A world whose surface was the MOHO now buried beneath the once 60 now 30 miles of granite. Could this have been when Sol gained its second magnetic field?

Science says our right and left brains actually have two separate personalities, each with its own preferences! Perhaps the dominate one dies and the opposite side is then able to dominate in death with the ability to impinge on the former temporal world.

I suspect the multi-verse and holographic universe descriptions are the result of some of this inexplicable results.

These conjectures require a stupendous compressive magnetic field.

Lucy in a Megalithomania video speaks to the sudden appearance of tame cows, sheep whose coat of wool was once like deer hair, tame dogs and horses was at the same time, around 1,500 bc.

That there are two distinct dates, the flood and the taming of the animals, speaks to two separate events which I take to be substantial proof that there are continuing cycles, of which we have information about two only. And suspect timings for many others.

Kathleen Sisco 1 second ago Megalithomania also has the Hookers video about Shu Nun which I continue to watch and mull over. HeatherLee seems to say that the Trypillian civilization recognized the twin self and had ‘penetration priests’ that were experimenting with resonances to unify the two. Now that is a concept that requires some reasoning. Were we one in the past? What caused the twinning? Did Moses’ flood act to deny the twin self access to the human temporal self? HeatherLee says the pre flood civilizations were peaceful. This implies that the spirit twin was beneficial. But then slave populations are also peaceful until they gain more power than their owners.

This would make a wonderful sci fi story: a sun implodes under a massive magnetic field to obtain a second layer of magnetism. Zharkova and team have today demonstrated by computer sim that our sun Sol has a double layer magnetic field. This solar system crisis destroys the 5th rock from the sun, the planet Aztec, first proposed by S W Carey. This planetary destruction also in effect destroys Mars and sends the rocky iron core remnant to orbit Sol as Mercury and its moon to orbit Earth where the inhabitants are spirits with the ability to inhabit a physical object. The life on Earth progresses millennia until the human life becomes a target for taming like cows and dogs that follow. Art, a product of the right emotional brain, blossoms. Another planetary catastrophe produces a global flood which disrupts the cultivated symbiosis. Humans become aware of their twin aspects . A few humans demonstrate left brain emphasis and these produce incomprehensible building edifices for purposes which current humans do not understand. Fewer and fewer places of Earth’s surface provide the energy to enable the spirit twin to manipulate the human temporal realm.

What is the end of the story?

Sci -Fi aside, the probability that our system experienced a second magnetic compression that created a second magnetic field in Sol is undoubtedly rare. Rarer still would be stars that experience 3 or more magnetic compressions creating the phenomenally rare magnetars of the universe. Or perhaps the exceptionally short life time of the magnetar would act to create the impression that they are rare when they are not, and life such as ourselves is created almost constantly. Unfortunately our life may also be short lived. That would explain the efforts of the smarter us to contact other life using the pyramids as a water maser signal?

An alternate explanation for the pyramids is that the split personality that afflicted the humans after 50,000 y a was demonstrably negative to the existing humans, requiring the left brain humans to create a functional ‘water trap’ for the ‘spirits.’

The Bosnian Pyramids were the first and have no tombs, etc, just a water flow under all. Evidence of channeling exists in the river feeding the pyramid underground streams which proves continuous water flow was necessary for the desired action.

A negative aspect of our culture is evident in its most extreme form called capitalism. As demonstrated in the past the power structure very shortly rules by ‘owning’ the land. In modern times, China has experienced a peasant revolution against landowners immediately co-opted by the replacement ruling government. India is in the throes of the middle class being seduced into capitalism by removing the farmers and practicing land development. America is proceeding past land development into a jobless society that rents all aspects of life. The power class is trying to avoid being overthrown by overwhelming media misinformation and being unavailable by locating outside America.

The US is experiencing high deaths of middle aged men, suicide among teens, high newborn death rate, pharmaceutical addiction, carbon dioxide exposures of unknown results, toxic chemicals exposures, highly degraded water supply. The Framington long term health study revealed quality oxygenation as the most definitive connection to long term life.

While these detrimental effect could be unexpected, another outcome could be that the military tactic of wounding one of the enemy to slow/handicap the entire unit as a possibility. ‘Wounding’ a family member handicaps the achievements of the entire family by contributing high stress. With a large percentage of family units ‘wounded’ thru divorce, unemployment, ill health, birth damage, isolation, lack of nutrition, toxic environment, etc., there is much less ability to contest the government requirements and imposed regulations that continue to restrict freedoms and minimize the family units asserting their opposition to the power block.

There are possibilities that research into extremes of energy are being conducted with the outcome being a magnetic wave being disseminated over the planet with the pacification of the people as its goal.

If there is a global elite this is an outcome that sets in stone the current haves and have-nots. A stasis society agreed upon by its elite.

Or, as in the deep past, at Catal Huyuk and in the Danube civilizations of the Varna, long term successes are discovered to be not only peaceful and non warlike but egalitarian and matriarchal. HeatherLee notes this in the Trypillian civilization in the Ukraine. Perhaps it is just our 5,000 year attempt at civilization that shows massive corruption of the human spirit.

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