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The answer is yes.



Those Ancient Celts AGAIN

Founders of all and denied recognition.





Curie point and 0 Kelvin

I have just finished Conquest of Cold, Absolute Zero, and reread Earth in Upheaval. This info made me wonder about just exactly how our solar system became wrapped in a Birkeland Current in the first place. If I follow the EU correctly all stars are Z pinched. So was Sol never not Z pinched?
Our life dates to about 1/2 billion years, where everything happened. Ice Ball earth melted, Venus became molten, single cells mutated into O2 consumers and used the energy to remake themselves. The earth history as divined so far says single land mass split & rejoined 4 times, coincidentally an extraordinary heating event and subsequent land glaciers also occurred 4 times. Again coincidentally, this began about 1/2 billion ya. Our history of land rift, heating event, and subsequent ice age is all connected beginning 1/2 billion ya. There is a span of 150 million years in which it appears that Earth the good Mom provides. It also appears the Edenic largess is not forever–150 million years is all we get and then………….time to raise the next generation of intelligence doomed like us to be kicked out in 150 million years also. Since it seems improbable that such catastrophe would be withstood forever, maybe we are approaching our final event and we end in expansion to explosion ala S W Carey?
So, is all of our known Earth time—1/2 billion years ago—-when Earth first got wrapped by a Z pinch? Or were we always in one but the voltage so low as to allow us to sit in Ice Ball earth without thawing until the oven blast of 1/2 billion years ago?
It seems to me this aspect of our Electric Universe is more to the point as it would be more useful to know.


and like Plato maybe it is true

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